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Nursery Dolphins 2017 - 2018


Miss Shipp and Miss Prendergast would like to welcome you to the Nursery Class Webpage!

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About Nursery:

Eastlands Nursery is managed by Eastlands Primary School. We prepare each child to be ready for school through outstanding learning opportunities and high expectations both socially and educationally. Our aim is to enable your child to reach their full potential through a high quality curriculum planned around their needs and interests. Children are eligible for Nursery in the year prior to their entry to school i.e. the September following their third birthday. Parents should register their child for a Nursery place by completing and returning the registration form here to Mrs Devine (School Business Manager)


Children are born ready, able and eager to learn. They actively reach out to interact with other people, and in the world around them. However, development is not an automatic process, it depends on each unique child having opportunities to interact in positive relationships and enabling environments.

In Nursery we will be using and following a document called The Development Matters, which acts as guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage, and enables us to clearly assess and progress each child’s learning.

 There are three prime areas of The Development Matters; Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development. Then there are also four specific areas; Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

 The Key Characteristics of Effective Learning, which move through all areas of learning, are as follows:

• playing and exploring

• active learning

• creating and thinking critically

 Each area of learning and development is covered across the year through planned,purposeful play and through a mix of adult-led and child-initiated activity. Play is essential for children’s development, building their confidence as they learn to explore, to think about problems, and relate to others. Children learn by leading their own play, and by taking part in play which is guided by adults.

 At Eastlands Primary School we will ensure that we respond to each child’s emerging needs and interests, guiding their development through warm, positive interaction. Eastlands Primary School follows a Learning Challenge Curriculum. In Nursery, we will be using this Curriculum and The Development Matters as guidance, whilst ensuring that the children’s learning is child-led and based on their personal interests.



Prime Learning Challenge

Prime Learning Challenge



Who lives in my house? 

How do I get about and how do things move? 



How many nursery rhymes do I know? Image result for humpy dumpty sat on a wall

 What makes a sound? 



 Which colours make you feel happy or sad?

Where does the day go at night?



What happened to Jack’s beans?

Who are the famous animals in my books? Image result for childrens books 



Who goes to the ugly bug ball? 

What would you find at the farm? 



What can I do with water? Image result for water

How do things change? (supporting transition to Reception)   



Welcome to Nursery! During September Miss Prendergast and I were getting to know your children and what they enjoyed doing. We established our main Nursery rules: good listening, good looking and good sitting and the children familiarised themselves with the classroom. Our first Learning Challenge focused on houses and homes. The children thought about their own houses and what they were made of, what number house they lived at, who lived in their house and who comes to visit them. We read the story of the three little pigs and explored what materials would be best for building houses, then had a go at making our own! During carpet times the children were challenged to see what shapes they were able to see in pictures of different houses.  


Our second Learning Challenge was all about transport, looking at different types and the different ways we can move to get ourselves around. Nursery experimented during outdoor learning on the trim trail and were all very good using the equipment. We watched an aeroplane simulator video to use our imaginations and experience what it was like to fly! We considered the ways we can stay safe around roads and that we must always hold a grown ups hand. The children drew their own car mat (with roundabouts and traffic lights!) for the vehicles to navigate around. Nursery also learnt about Diwali and celebrated by making Henna patterns like the ones we had looked at on one Nursery friend's hands. Have a great half term holiday!


This month we took part in World Nursery Rhyme Week as part of our Learning Challenge 'How many nursery rhymes do I know?' During carpet time we mind-mapped all the nursery rhymes the children already knew, then added to it at the end of the month with all the new ones we had learnt! We looked at what happened when Humpty Dumpty fell off his wall, counted balls of wool out for Baa Baa Black Sheep, sang '5 currant buns' and placed real currants onto buns, paying for them in our role play bakery shop. We discussed Halloween and bonfire night, and made spotty headbands for children in need!  We also began free-flow choosing inside or outside. This means that the children can choose for themselves when they would like to go outside throughout their session, and when they would like their snack. Lots of reminders are always given, but the children have adapted to this change really well and understand the new routine.


Our next Learning Challenge was all about investigating different sounds. Nursery looked at body sounds, percussion sounds and even made their own musical instruments! The children split into groups and performed as a band to the other half of the children who took on the role of the audience, then they swapped. We also learnt about animal sounds, and categorised them into their habitats. Nursery listened beautifully to the story of 'The gingerbread man', and were encouraged to repeat and join in with key parts of the story. Goldilocks was our next story, where we explored the difference of size for daddy, mummy and baby bears objects.  Nursery also attended their first school trip to watch 'We're going on a bear hunt', it was thoroughly enjoyed by all and children were very well behaved. We finished this term with our Christmas nativity performance (the children were brilliant!) and our Christmas party, with lots of food, games and dancing! We hope you have a lovely Christmas and can't wait to hear what the children have got up to!

Phonics Parent Information Session

Thank you to parents who attended our Read Write Inc. Phonics session in January. Please see the PowerPoint for all the information.... RWI Phonics PowerPoint


Welcome back, we hope you had a lovely Christmas! Throughout January we have been thinking about 'What colours make us feel happy or sad?' The children have been exploring mixing colours to paint Elmer the elephant and mixing different coloured icing sugar onto biscuits, yummy! Nursery have been able to express a preference of their favourite colours and sort objects in the classroom by colour. We have discussed feelings and emotions, listing all the ones we knew, then adding to our list as we learnt new ones. Nursery are getting very good at being able to tell others how they feel and why. We have played some really fun games to help us with this, meaning we've had to pull funny facial expressions! We have been getting into character in our role play hospital to further talk about how the patients might be feeling. We have also enjoyed exploring the cold ice and snow, making our own snow child and waiting to see what happens as it melts.


 In February we began to look at where the day goes at night. We started by looking at different animals and whether they appear in the day or night, watching videos of the sun coming up and going down. Then we watched a really catchy song about the planets in the solar system, the children were very interested in our giant inflatable planets. We had a letter from Bob (a spaceman) saying aliens had crashed his spaceship and he needed our help to make a new one! We got to work straight away and voted on which colour to paint it, it looked brilliant. We looked at lots of stories including 'owl babies', 'aliens love underpants' and 'whatever next'. We also celebrated Chinese New Year and Shrove Tuesday, making our own pancakes!


 This month we focused on characters in our stories and the traditional tale: Jack and the Beanstalk to answer our learning challenge question: What happened to Jacks beans? We read the story then made a story map using pictures to be able to retell it as a class then independently! One of our school governors visited whilst we were learning it and he heard us practising, he thought the children were amazing!! We watched a video of a harp playing and thought about what musical instruments the giant and Jack might like. We also looked at rhyming and alliteration, especially in the story: fee fi fo fum! We also looked at other traditional stories.




We had a visit from Zoo Lab to help us with our Minibeast learning! Please see the video for pictures below:

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