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Strategic Leadership

We believe:-

School Improvement Planning

Each year the school writes a School Improvement & Development Plan (SIDP).  This is a working document used to set priorities and monitor progress throughout the year.

SIDP 2021.22 summary

It covers three main elements: -

  • How the school is performing
  • What the school does well and
  • Areas for development

The plan is monitored by the strategic leadership team including governors.

See our Curriculum  Practice with Responsive Teaching and Learning Expectations for more

Current Training Foci

2020 - 2024


To accelerate school improvement


2021 – 2024 


To promote mental health by helping adults know how to be and what to do in response to their differing and sometimes distressed behaviour

Books we use:








Quality of Education 

Focus on Responsive Teaching

High quality Teaching

This is a student centred.

Effective teaching is using strategies to maximise achievement by: -

  • Setting clear goals and planning learning carefully
  • Identifying what students have understood and where they are struggling
  • Responding, adapting our teaching to support students to do better.

Targeted support

  • Use a range of strategies for full engagement
  • Developing independence and responsibility for own learning
  • Reviewing the knowledge components

Wider strategies



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