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Strategic Leadership

We believe:-


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School Improvement Planning

Each year the school writes a School Improvement & Development Plan (SIDP).  This is a working document used to set priorities and monitor progress throughout the year.

SIDP 2023.24 summary

It covers three main elements: -

  • How the school is performing
  • What the school does well and
  • Areas for development

The plan is monitored by the strategic leadership team including governors.

See our Curriculum  Practice with Responsive Teaching and Learning Expectations for more

Partners In Education

Mrs S.  Edwards

Warwickshire Learning Effectiveness Professional

2023 - Mrs Edwards works supporting other local schools in all aspects of school leadership and management and responding to Ofsted action points.

She is also working as a consultant at an IT college and is supporting their Ofsted action points.

Mrs S Warrington 

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Warrington has recent qualifications in Strategic Leadership and Management. She nearing completion of her two year ‘Coaching Professional’ qualification. In school, she encourages the self-improvement of our children, our colleagues and Warwick University trainee teachers using a variety of coaching techniques and tools. 

She is an outstanding practitioner and offers school leadership in Reading, Mathematics Mastery, Science and in Coaching and Mentoring. 

In Dec 2023, Mrs Warrington moved on a secondment to Northlands Primary and is returning in September 2024.



Current Training Foci

2020 - 2024


To accelerate school improvement

 2021 – 2024 


To promote mental health by helping adults know how to be and what to do in response to their differing and sometimes distressed behaviour

2022 - 2024

Thinking Matters - focus on metacognition 

The Thinking School approach teaches pupils to think reflectively, critically and creatively. Pupils are taught to reflect on their learning, set themselves goals for improvement and learn independently. The intent is that pupils should become inquisitive and confident learners with a ‘can do’ attitude.

Books we use:











Quality of Education 

Focus on Responsive Teaching

High quality Teaching

This is a student centred.

Effective teaching is using strategies to maximise achievement by: -

  • Setting clear goals and planning learning carefully
  • Identifying what students have understood and where they are struggling
  • Responding, adapting our teaching to support students to do better.

Targeted support

  • Use a range of strategies for full engagement
  • Developing independence and responsibility for own learning
  • Reviewing the knowledge components

Wider strategies





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