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Eastlands Childcare Booking System: 

  • · A list of booking opening dates are available on the Before and After School Club section of the Eastlands’ website along with a booking form (please see below)
  • · To book your children into either Before or After School Club you will need to download the booking form and email it to the Booking Coordinator at from the date that bookings open. The closing date for bookings is the 15th of every month. 
  • · When you have sent your email you will receive an automatic email confirming receipt.
  • · Please check ParentPay over the following days so that you can make a payment when your dates have been entered, a text regarding this may also be sent out as an extra reminder. You will be unable to make any changes yourself to the booking on ParentPay.
  • · Payment is due by the 15th of the month prior to your bookings. 
  • · An email will be sent to parents letting them know if certain dates are not available. 
  • · If, for some reason, you are unable to use email, please request a paper booking form to fill in. Paper booking forms will be marked with date & time on receipt in school, they will then be processed in line with email bookings. 
  • · Every booking request will be booked in accordance with our admissions policy criteria, which is available in our prospectus, on Eastlands website. 
  • · Bookings will be made using the date and time which we receive the request, on a ‘first come, first served’ basis only. 
  • · You will be able to book for more than one month at a time but the following will apply: 
  • - You are booking the same days (or very similar) for each month. 
  • - Once booked the days will not be altered (dates may be added, we will not be able to remove dates once booked), these bookings will be charged. 
  • - Payment will be due by the 15th of the month for the following month. If any payments are late all future bookings will be removed from Parent Pay and bookings will have to be made monthly. 

Please note the following important information: 

· Any email that is sent to us must have a subject of ‘Booking’ or ‘Enquiry’ in the subject field. If your email is not correctly labelled this may delay processing. 

· We can only book your child/ren in if we have spaces available; if you have sent your booking form in late then we may not be able to book your child in.

· Booking forms received before the opening date will not be entered until forms sent between the opening and closing dates have been processed. 

· No bookings will be made where there is an outstanding payment due on your account in any circumstance. 



         Opening dates for booking for the following month:

Thurs 1st October 2020
Mon 2nd November 2020
Tues 1st December 2020
Tues 5th January 2021
Mon 1st February 2021
Mon 1st March 2021
Thur 1st April 2021
Mon 3rd May 2021
Tue 1st June 2021
Tue 1st July 2021

                      Before & After School Club booking forms:-  

   CLICK HERE for completing electronically & email to  Please use this method where possible stating 'booking' in your email subject line.

  CLICK HERE for printing a paper copy (paper copies are also available from B&A Club or the school office)


    Please CLICK HERE for Letter regarding website booking changes for Before & After School Club


    Please CLICK HERE for letter regarding bookings for Before & After School Club (published June 2019)

    Please CLICK HERE for information letter on new trial booking system. (published 22/03/19)

    Please CLICK HERE for letter regarding Before & After School Club from Chair of Governors (published December 2018)


Without exception payment is due by the 15th of every month for the following month's bookings (for example:  payment for June bookings is due by the 15th May).

               If payment is not received by the 15th all future bookings will be removed. You will be able to pay through ParentPay. or via childcare vouchers.