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Parent Pay will enable you to book all morning and afternoon sessions for your child/ren and pay through Parent Pay or via childcare vouchers.



Parent Pay Home Page


Make booking


Select days

Check out/pay when all days you need are selected



Days booked appear in green




Please be aware that if you do not pay in full by the 15th of the previous month Parent Pay will remove your bookings. This is to enable us to organise staffing and resources for the correct number of children.




Booking Issues

If you are having issues with booking in sessions please follow the information below.



                                                                                                                                                                                           Error code showing




Log in to Parent Pay and select

your child.

Click on bookings.

Click on Make/View bookings

From here select Before School

or After School and the week you

wish to book and click make/view

booking in the box below.


If you are still receiving the error message please contact a member of staff at Before and After School Club and they can contact Parent Pay.



When booking before and after a half term you cannot click on 'Next week'. To access a week before or after a half term you will need to select Before or After School and the week you wish to book, select what you need and save. To then book another week before or after half term please repeat the previous step.