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We would like to share our assemblies with our community.

Kindness Assembly
Today, (Wednesday 15th February) Father Philip, from St Peter and St John Church came to talk to us about kindness. He asked what we understand kindness to be and how we can show kindness to others. We all listened intently whilst Father Philip told us the story of The Good Samaritan. We concluded it was good to be kind to everyone. Well done children!

September 2022 

11th July 2022: Eastlands Got Talent

Card tricks, stand up comedy, martial arts demonstrations, instrumental recitals, singing, dancing, skipping, live cartoons... The judges were impressed by all the acts who took the stage today. Well done to each and every one of them - they all remained very cool under the spotlights!

29th June 2022

The whole school enjoyed a high-energy FizzPop Science assembly this morning to get us all thinking about air resistance and aerodynamics. Look out for more information later this week on a possible FizzPop Science club for the next school year.

20th May 2022

Who would have thought that nine cups could combine to develop our children's Resilience, High Expectations, Perseverance, Creativity, Respect and Positive Attitude? Well, thanks to Di from @SpeedStacks_UK's assembly and class sessions we now know they can! Check the slow motion video footage carefully: does Mr Northedge pip Mr Batchelor by a whisker?

3rd May 2022
Today, Chris from Rugby Youth For Christ came in to lead our School Assembly. He asked for two volunteers to carry out a smelling challenge, whilst being blindfolded. The volunteers were identifying smells such as cut grass and chocolate. He then explained how amazing a sense of smell can be. But there is a saying, "Don't look down your nose at someone." This made us all think about how we treat others and how we would like to be treated ourselves. The Assembly was fun and engaging as it always is. Thank you Chris and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Welcome to January 2022.  Our first week back and we have shared 3 assemblies already.

14th December 2021

Are you ready to rock?  Listen to our amazing Rock Steady Bands!

8th December 2021
Chris came in to school from Rugby Youth For Christ and delivered an Assembly all about Perseverance. 
Chris chose two children who were asked to use the grabbers to pick out as many balls as they could, within the time limit, with each different type of ball being worth a different amount of points. 
They were cheered on by the rest of the school and the meaning was ....we all need to persevere!  Never give up!
6th December 2021  
The whole school walked to St Peter and St John Church for a Carol Service.  We listened to the Nativity story, told through the story of Jesus’ Christmas Party by Nicholas Allen .

The Year ones were dressed as animals, angels, kings, shepherds, and Aiden in Year 6 was the Innkeeper. Four Year 6 children shared some Christmas readings. 

The whole school sang:  O Little Town of Bethlehem, We Three Kings and We Wish You A Merry Christmas.  Thank you for having us.
24th November 2021
John  from St Peter and St John Church visited our school to lead an assembly all about Advent.  We discussed our different advent calendars and then John explained all about the Advent wreath and the symbolism which each candle holds. It was very helpful and made us all think about this very special time leading up to Christmas.

21st October 2021 

Today Chris, from Rugby Youth for Christ visited our school to lead our Assembly.  He spoke to us about the need for patience, which is hard when our world today is full of everything we need in an instant.. from shopping to our next favourite T.V programme! He asked 2 of our Year 6 children  to come and play bottle flip. One Bottle flip = a cup on the noughts and crosses board and the first one to get three in a row would be the winner!
Both of our children tried very hard and eventually we had a winner!  Both children showed real determination, perseverance, and patience as they never gave up, in what turned out to be quite a challenging game!
All good things come to those who wait.... what are you looking forward to and having to be patient for?
Let's be thankful for all we have. 

Spring 2021

Since returning to school, we have had our assemblies with Mrs Edwards in our bubbles.  Take a look at what we have been talking about. 

Spring 2020

Years 5 and 6 Carol Concert

Huge thanks to all the singers, handbell ringers, staff (Mrs Hope, Mr Northedge, Mrs Spyrou and Mrs Birnie) and the families who supported us on the evening itself. We hope you agree that it was a magical time.

Rock Steady Christmas Showcase

Thanks to Dan for building the confidence of our young musicians throughout the term.

19th September 2019

This year's Class Assemblies got off to a flying start as Year 6 explored the characteristics of Responsibility and shared their ideas about the qualities a House Captain needs. From an excellent field, the voters in KS2 have elected eight children to represent their new houses.


September 2019 

Welcome back to school.  We are pleased to share our assembly themes with you. 


Easter Bonnet Parade 08.04.19

Such incredible headgear creations! So stylishly modelled by the children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. 

Rock Steady Concert 04.04.19

Once again, the Rock Steady musicians wowed us at their special assembly this morning.

Rock Steady Concert // December 2018


We were absolutely blown away by the confidence and teamwork on display at the Rock Steady concert today. James has clearly galvanised the children into action and the crowd loved it! Remember to check out the Rock Steady letters next week if you're interested in joining next term.

Monday 5th November

Our special visitor, Mr Singh from the Sikh Education Service, introduced a day focused on celebrations, respect and equality. What an uplifting start to the new half-term! At our whole school assembly, the sounds of the harmonium (vaja) and the human voice, singing the Mul Mantar, blended together to create an atmosphere to remember. You can find out more about the instruments used in Sikh music here. Mr Singh then visited individual classes for workshops. Such encounters represent a great opportunity to ask your child: What did you learn today? 


For our first week back, we have been together to learn, think and reflect.


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