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Nursery Dolphins 2023 - 2024

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Please click the image below to view our Curriculum Year Plan.  Please click the image below to view the Development Matters guidance for what the children should be able to do and know. 


Throughout this month, we have learnt all about Space in Nursery, with our key texts, 'Aliens love underpants', and, 'On the moon'. We focussed on matching patterns on alien underpants and ordering numbered aliens 1-5.

We have had a big focus on writing our own names and over the course of a few weeks the children practiced tracing over the letters of their name, building up to creating their own space rocket names. We looked at a range of non-fiction books about space, discussing what there is in space and the names of the planets, the children loved singing some planet songs too.

Nursery enjoyed our rocket role play area, pretending to be astronauts setting off into space! They discussed in a circle time how astronauts could keep themselves safe in space which led into discussions about the rules we have in our classroom and how they keep us safe.

The children were really engaged with some space science experiments, one in which we watched closely to see what happened when stones fell into a mixture of cornflour and baby oil, representing craters in the moon when it is hit by rocks. 

We also looked at day and night, spoke about nocturnal animals and discussed the different activities we might do in the daytime and night time. 

We have now moved on to our Jungle topic which will carry us through to the February half term!


We have had a lovely festive month in Nursery! The children loved going on our trip to the Macready theatre to see 'The man who wanted to be a penguin' and they all did brilliantly performing in their Nativity play, we were very proud of them all! The children also enjoyed our stay and play  afternoon, engaging in all the different Christmas activities with parents- thankyou to all parents who attended. 

We have learnt about repeating patterns using various Christmas items, such as different patterns and colours on baubles. We practiced counting Christmas items too, linking numerals with quantities and representing the total number each time using our fingers. The children used their motor skills to draw and cut out pictures to put on their letter to Santa which look lovely on our display. We also made melting snowman biscuits which were very yummy and made our own Christmas dinner hats for Christmas dinner day. The children also enjoyed singing a range of different Christmas songs throughout our celebration topic and learnt some with makaton signs. We spoke about what our family traditions are at Christmas and the children shared what they might do on Christmas day and we looked at family traditions in other countries around the world.

We are looking forward to our 'Space' topic on our return in January! We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year! 


We have had a busy month in Nursery! Our topic has been Transport and our key texts have been The Train Ride and the Marmalade Jam which the children really enjoyed. The texts led us to look at rhyming words and create a rhyming train and the children also learnt how to count syllables in words.

During the transport topic we looked at lots of different vehicles, including some from the past and spoke about which mode of transport we have been on before. The children played brilliantly alongside each other in our train and ambulance role play in the classroom.

The numbers we have learnt have been numbers 4-6 and we carried on with learning how to recite numbers beyond 5 and to link numerals and amounts. We also had a 2D shape focus and enjoyed driving various vehicles around 2D shape posters, saying the names of the 2D shapes and describing how many sides each one has. Alongside our Transport topic, the children also carried out some Bonfire night activities, learnt all about Diwali and also raised money for Children in Need! It was also Anti-bullying week and the children looked great in their odd socks for odd-sock day! They created a lovely handprint kindness heart which looks fantastic on our classroom wall and we spoke about our feelings, the differences between ourselves and others and what makes us special. 


In Danny Dolphin class, the children are now established on their carpet bubbles and are trying so hard to become more independent in terms of putting on their shoes, coats and remembering to wash their hands. They have learnt about the numbers 0-3 and have enjoying counting objects in their environment to make the given number. They have learnt about owls and how they are nocturnal through our text Owl Babies. Also in literacy the children learnt all about bears with our key text We’re Going On A Bear Hunt. The children helped sequence the events in the story and enjoyed learning the actions alongside verbalising the lines. Michael Rosen even shared our Tweet!  


Nursery staff are so incredibly proud of how the children have settled in over the last few weeks. Full days, before school, after school clubs and lunch times for some of the children too - they've coped so well! Our first topic is 'All About Me'. We have been learning all about the children's interests, likes & dislikes, cultures and experiences. We have been exploring our individual identity and looking at our family photos too. Nursery have been getting used to our inside and outside rules and have been enjoying group snack together. They really have been superstars and are adjusting to life at Eastlands so well. Well done Dolphin Class!


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