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Year 4 Rhinos 2022 - 2023

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If your child is off school and they are well enough to learn, please use the Oak National Academy or BBC Bitesize. 

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Knowledge Organisers - Summer Term

Science Computing French Art RE  Music

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Computing Science French French  DT RE History Music 

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Computing - All Units Art French Music Science  RE Geography

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17th February - Bikeability

Today Year 3 and 4 had great fun doing their Level 1 Bikeability Training.  Through fun games the children now know how to master control of their cycle in preparation for cycling more off-road. They also know how to: Apply brakes to bring their cycle to a smooth and quick stop, Look behind over each shoulder while pedalling in a straight line, Pedal one handed in a straight line, Use gears, if their bike had them and avoid hazards. Well done to you all! We are very proud of each and every single one of you! A huge thank you to Holly and Samantha, our instructors too!

20th January 

Year 4 were using light tints and darks shades of colour to show shadows and light in a painting. 

8th December

Year 4 have raised money for the charity Save the Children and they have enjoyed wearing their Christmas jumpers to school.

8th  December

Today we had a very special visitor in school. I wonder if you can recognise who he is?  Thank you from the Rugby Rokeby Lions Club. 

29th November

This week we have been using 'Now Press Play' drama activities, to imagine what it is like to be a Roman child. We found out that you could be a Roman soldier at the age of 14! We also found out that a lady called Boudicca did not like the Romans very much.

17th November      Now>Press>Play Anti-Bullying Drama

Year 4 experienced the immersive soundscape of Now>Press>Play's Anti-Bullying drama this afternoon, engaging the senses to support thoughtful responses to challenging scenarios. Now>Press>Play were glad to hear about it - they are sending stickers as a reward!

15th November

Year 4 are so lucky. They have received wonderful dictionaries from the Rotary Club. Thank you so much. We are enjoying  looking up new words and now we can practise our spellings too.

Today is Odd Socks Day to start our Antibullying Week.  We could wear odd socks to express ourselves and show what makes us all unique!

Rhinos love reading for pleasure. We have filled our brilliant book boxes, so we have lots of brilliant books to choose from.

We have finished our geography topic and we are now experts in locating different places around the world. Well done Year 4!

Year 4 have been working in small groups to gather ideas for our newspaper reports. We have been categorising words , being adjective detectives , generating ideas and sequencing the plot. It is so great as we are learning and working together! 

28th September 2022

On Wednesday afternoons, as part of our music lessons, Year 4 are learning to play the keyboard. Here are this week's superstars with their certificates. They have played the notes in the right order and they kept in time with the music. Well done!

29th September 2022

This week we have taken part in a 'Green up your act' workshop. Year 4 have learnt about re-using, recycling and how to make our world a better and cleaner place. To help us focus on about our learning , we made Eco fish out of sustainable materials. It is a reminder for us, to make sure we keep our beautiful beaches clean and clear of rubbish. Here are some pictures of us creating our wonderful fish.

28th September 2022

In maths, we have been working on place value and understanding what each digit represents. We have used dienes, place value counters and place value cards. 

12th September 2022

If you were unable to attend the welcome meeting, please look through the PowerPoint. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to come and see me. 

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