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Nursery  Dolphins 2022 - 2023

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June 2023 Nursery and Reception go to the farm!

June and July 2023 

These months have been really busy! We had chicks and caterpillars come to visit us. The children were fascinated watching the eggs hatch and loved watching our five chicks grow. It was a sad day when they left! The life cycle of the caterpillars turning into chrysalides and then beautiful butterflies also fascinated them and it was lovely watching them get released. The children loved the stories ‘Rosie’s Walk,’ What the Ladybird Heard,’ ‘Farmyard Hullaballoo’ and ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.’ 

As well as all this, the children, along with Reception, visited Paradise Found Educational Farm Park near Sapcote.  

We also enjoyed Sports Day and it was lovely for Parents, Carers,  Grandparents and other family members to come and watch and cheer on their children.

May 2023 

In May, the children learnt all about life ‘Down in the Jungle.’ ‘Tanka Tanka Skunk’ was a fabulous story which the children loved hearing. They participating in the onomatopoeic musical sessions linked to this and learnt about lots of different jungle animals. The children also heard the story ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea,’ which proved to be very popular. Lots of role play fun was had with this and the children loved acting out tea parties in the home corner, as well as in the outside area. 

The King’s Coronation was also celebrated in style this month. The children wore their best party clothes and made their own crowns for the occasion. 

April 2023

This month the children learnt all about Growth and what life is like Under the Sea. The children enjoyed hearing the story, 'The Tiny Seed' where they learnt about the life cycle of a plant. They loved the 'Jack and the Beanstalk' story and enjoyed playing out in the castle corridor role play area.  Nursery also learnt all about their brain and how we grow our minds as we learn and make mistakes.

In our weeks learning about Under the Sea, the children collectively wrote a free-verse poem linked to the story, 'Hooray for Fish.' Pirate Day was a huge success and the children fully immersed themselves in the Easter egg treasure hunt, whilst dressed as pirates!

Nursery also had a visit from the firemen who bought the fire engine to school for the children to sit in and explore. They also lent us some dress up props to enhance our role play area. 

March 2023

Our Nursery children took part in our school Easter Bonnet Parade.  All the bonnets were eggcellent! 

February 2023

In February, we had our important Ofsted visitors in. The children were very welcoming and showed the inspectors how they took part in the RSPB ‘The Great Big Birdwatch.’ They used binoculars to try and find different bird species and even made their own hanging bird feeders using cardboard, syrup and bird seed.

As well as this, the children learnt about Chinese New Year and made their own Chinese lanterns. They learnt about 2023 being the Year of the Rabbit and role played cooking Chinese food with pretend noodles and chopsticks.

Nursery have also started learning their initial phonics sounds with Fred the Frog. They look forward to knowing what sound they are learning and like practising the sound with the different word cards that are shown. The children also love listening to the stories which accompany the cards. 

Our healthy living topic proved successful. The children loved hearing the story 'Oliver's Vegetables' and about the different vegetables Oliver tried at his Grandpa's allotment. They enjoyed our welly walk to our school allotment and also made a fruit salad which they all really enjoyed. Nursery really enjoyed our hospital role play area and learnt all about hygiene and what makes your healthy. 

January 2023

Happy new year to you all! Nursery have had a lovely start back to the year and are really enjoying our Space topic, in particular our space station role play area where we have been very excited to use torches in the dark corridor and pretend we are on a space rocket!

Nursery are trying really hard to recognise and practice their names and they made some fantastic name rockets, learning that we write our name from left to right and how to form our letters correctly. The children took a real interest in the different planets there are in Space after singing some planet songs altogether, so we decided to roll the paper out for the children to use their motor skills where they drew and talked about their own planets.

We have been reading Aliens love underpants and designed our own pair of underpants using various collage materials! We will also be reading the books 'On the Moon', and 'Owl Babies', during this topic too, looking at nocturnal animals and discussing which activities we might do during the daytime and what we do at night time. 

We had such a lovely time at the end of term pantomime-The Gingerbread Man! 

December 2022 

Nursery have had a lovely few weeks learning about Christmas. To understand more about our Christmas Nativity play, we learnt all about the Christmas story. We enjoyed reenacting the story in our tuff tray using small world figures and different materials.

We wrote our letters to Santa which look great on our writing display. We used our motor skills to cut around things we might like Santa to bring us and we practiced writing our name on our letters.

Nursery are enjoying a weekly visit to our school library to pick a book to take home with them. We also had a visit from Rugby library who came in to read us a story.

Nursery had a very important job to do as not only did we have our classroom tree to decorate, we were asked to decorate the school Christmas tree in the Reception area and to decorate a Christmas tree outside too. This was very exciting and we took it in turns to put decorations on to the tree-they looked amazing!

Alongside our learning of numbers up to 10 using our Ten town programme, we have been learning about matching in Maths and looking at objects that are the same and objects that are different. Nursery helped Mrs McCracken sort out her washing on a line as she had jumbled up all of the socks and they needed to be put into pairs! We also spotted objects in the outdoor area that were the same, such as our welly boots.

We had a lovely Christmas jumper day and we had a very exciting visit from Santa who very kindly gave us all a gift to take home for Christmas day. We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and look forward to seeing you all again in the new year!

November 2022

Nursery celebrated Odd Socks Day today. We watched a virtual assembly by Andy and The Odd Socks and learnt how important kindness is. We shared our odd socks and sorted cards into hoops showing what would make a good friend and  what wouldn't. Nursery also watched and listened to the 2022 Odd Socks Day song "Calling Out" by Andy and the Odd Socks Band. 

November 2022 

Thank you for supporting our Celebration Assembly this morning. Here are the slides from our presentation:

November 2022

What a busy week it has been after the half term break! Nursery have had a great week back where we have been learning all about Bonfire night. We spoke about how we can keep ourselves safe and shared what we might do for Bonfire night this weekend. We created our own firework pictures using toilet rolls and paint with lots of different colours to put on a display. We then listened to a recording of some fireworks and thought of some describing words as we were listening, such as, 'bang, pop, loud and crackle'. Nursery also learnt about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot. We have also enjoyed our fire station role play area this week, taking on the role of fire fighters!

We also began our learning about Remembrance day which will be very soon and we created a class Poppy wreath to put up on display on our red notice board outside which looks fantastic! 

Our number this week has been 'Freddie Four' using our ten town programme and the children have enjoyed counting and making sets of four using a variety of objects. 

October 2022

Nursery have had a super time learning all about the season Autumn. In our outdoor area we went on a scavenger hunt with clipboards to find lots of Autumn objects and when we found them we looked closely at them, describing what we could see. We used conkers, acorns, leaves and sticks for a fine motor activity, using tweezers to pick them up to see how many items we could fit into our bowls. We also used the leaves we found to make leaf men and other leaf animals, after reading the story 'Leaf man' at the beginning of the week. After this, we explored patterns of leaves by creating leaf rubbings on paper. Nursery also had lots of fun using their gross motor skills to help carve a pumpkin. They enjoyed exploring the different textures and squishing the insides of the pumpkins where they described what it felt and smelt like using their senses!

We also had our teddy bears picnic this week, where we invited our special teddies in from home to join us in the hall for some special picnic food, such as jam and marmalade sandwiches-Paddington Bear's favourite! 

Nursery also enjoyed learning about the festival of Diwali, where we created rangoli patterns in glitter and decorated Diya lamps.

We hope you all have a lovely half term break!

September 2022

Nursery have had a busy week this week! We started our new topic on Bears and we read the story, 'We're going on a bear hunt', which the children really loved. We retold the story while creating our own story map using a range of different materials such as leaves, cotton wool and tissue paper. The children were brilliant at repeating the key phrases in the book along the way and our story map looks amazing on our corridor display!

We also looked at King One in our ten town programme and practiced tracing the number and finding sets of 1 on the interactive board. We also enjoyed using our gross motor skills to draw large lines, circles and pictures using chalk in our outdoor area.  For Black History month we used paint to make our finger prints in different skin colours to show that we are all equal in this world. Then we watched a short video about why we are all special in our own way. 

As we reach the end of our first full week in Nursery, we would like to say a huge well done to all the children for the amazing start to their Nursery journey. We are so proud of them all for how quickly they have settled to their new routines and classroom. They have loved exploring both our indoor and outdoor areas and making new friendships. 

Here is a little glimpse into all the fun we have had so far!

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