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At Eastlands we know that technology is rapidly changing and our computing curriculum is designed to reflect this through high quality lessons with innovative resources and equipment. We aim to educate our children on how to be safe in a digital world by teaching them to use technology positively, confidently, responsibly and safely. Our children will follow a computing curriculum that that is well planned and sequenced to ensure progression for all. In addition to this, transferable skills learnt in computing lessons will be applied in other subjects to embed computing across the whole curriculum making learning creative and engaging. 



Our Computing curriculum is taught through three aspects; Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy and has deep links with Mathematics, Science, and Design and Technology. At Eastlands we use Purple Mash to support the delivery of computing lessons.

In the Early Years (Nursery and Reception) children are exposed to a wide range of technology and learn how to use it safely. We follow the Development Matters 2021 and whilst this document has limited links to technology and computing, staff are passionate about ensuring children are capable and confident learners preparing them for Year 1 and beyond. In KS1 and KS2 planned units are revisited each year to deepen children’s understanding of computational concepts and provide opportunity to apply and extend their knowledge. At Eastlands we do refine some units to make learning personal to the needs of our school and children.

Computing Subject Drivers


Children are proficient in using technology, they are equipped with the vocabulary and knowledge they need to be successful learners in computing. We measure the impact of our computing curriculum using the endpoints for Computing, using evidence from lessons and teacher judgement. Children are encouraged to self and peer assess each other’s work for example finding bugs in each other’s coding. Computing subject leader monitors Computing to ensure progress is made and that the curriculum continues to meet the schools needs. Staff are confident in teaching computing and discussions with children show great enthusiasm towards the subject. As a school we feel the latter is extremely important, as high levels of enjoyment promote maximum engagement and learning.

Learning In The Classroom

In February, we took part in Safer Internet Day.  Here at Eastlands staying safe online is not just one day a year, it is everyday.  We have now joined up with National Online Safety to provide training, advice and support for Staff, Parents and Carers.  Eastlands parents and carers have a unique link to join up and access lots of different information to keep on top of the ever changing digital world.  Click HERE to read the Parents and Carers letter.  There is even a free app to download so you can access information wherever you are.


Congratulations to Year 5 for being awarded runner up in the Warwickshire Safer Internet Day competition for their Kidsaber Guide To Staying Safe Online film. The judges comments were very complimentary.  

  • Creating a 'Kidsaber' to help children and young people online was such an original idea, and I loved the line about online safety never sleeping! You gave such a lot of detailed and helpful advice, very well done.
  • Excellent layout. You made the advice very catchy which makes it easier to remember and I love the creativity. Some great advice in there, very detailed! Well done.
  • This is a nice clear poster with important messages.  Well done.
  • Great poster! Some good advice their too!
  • A very professional guide with an inventive layout and clear information. A really in-depth guide, presented in an easy to access format. Great work!    

Computing Information Websites

Links for Eastlands Primary School Online Safety Webpages







The Anti -Social Network.  A film for children, written and acted by Eastlands Primary children

A theatre production by Eastlands Primary children

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