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Anti-Bullying Ambassadors


18th November 2021

Thank you to our Antibullying Ambassadors and Staff Leads for the hard work you have put into our Anti-Bullying Week.  Well done for speaking with confidence and pride in our whole school assembly. On Thursday you conducted a pupil survey around school to gain the voice and views of all the children around school to help them improve in the future.  To finish our week you supported classes with their compliments assemblies and you were able to listen to all of the kind words that are being shared around school. We are proud of you! 

Are you ready for Antibullying week 2021? Sing along with Andy and The Odd Socks! 

September 2021

We are glad to be back at school and ready for a new year!  We have our new AntiBullying Ambassador badges and we are ready to help our school community! 

6th July 2021

 Introducing our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors for next year! This morning’s virtual training is currently underway. Lots of discussion and sharing of ideas!  Come back soon to see everything they are doing across school from September. 

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