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Antibullying Leaders 


2019 - 2020

Back to school after the summer holidays and meetings have already taken place. All of our Year 5 ABL's want to remain in the team for Year 6 which is great and they have already  been introduced to the school in an assembly. Decisions have been made to select a new president and vice president and these will be decided at a meeting on 23rd September with Mrs Thomas. Time tables will then be drawn up and ABL's will be on the playground during lunchtimes to support the children.  Year 5 children will have the chance to apply to become an ABL next year so they can shadow the team ready to take over.  

2018 - 2019

Meet our September 2018 - July 2019 Anti Bullying Leaders. 

Thank you for working on the playground all year round.  Sadly we say goodbye to one of our team but we wish you every success in your secondary school! 

15th November 2018 - Antibullying Week Class Assemblies

Today our ABL's visited each class to support the teachers with their Antibullying Week assemblies.  They introduced themselves, shared why they wanted to be an ABL and where they could be found on the playground.  A child in year 4 commented that 'they were really good, it was good to have them as part of our assembly.'  Well done to you all. 

9th October 2018 - Lunchtime Meeting - Training

Over lunch we discussed bullying behaviour, how it feels and what it looks like. We know how to deal with any incidents that happen in our playground and how to discuss what could happen next.  We use the display in the hall to ask the other children questions and help to find the solution.  We are VERY excited to get outside and have a new timetable.  You will all be amazing, well done.  

13th September 2018 - Lunchtime Meeting

Today we met to select our President and Vice President.  After everyone spoke about why they thought they would make a good President, we took a democratic vote.  It was nerve wracking during the count!  Finally Sophie received the most votes and Georgina was next.  Congratulations to you both on your new position.

7th September 2018

Congratulations to everyone who was successful with their applications.  You will make great ABL's. 

6th September 2018

Great to see so many children attend the information session today.  I am looking forward to reading your application forms on Monday!