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11th November 2016


For snack today we made our own muffin pizzas! We could choose from pepperoni, ham, cheese and sweet peppers as toppings for our pizza! When it came to eating them, they were scrumptious! 





7th November 2016

 We each collected 10 leaves today to help us made some pictures of hedgehogs. We had an outline of the hedgehog and we needed to decorate him! 






4th November 2016

Today we made firework pictures. We used a kitchen roll and cut one end into strips. Then we dipped the end into paint and pressed them onto some black paper to make the firework shape! To make them sparkle we added glitter.






28th September 2016

After School club made cookies today. We had to follow the instructions on the packet. First we had to pour the mixture into the bowl and measure out 3 table spoons of water. Next we mixed the water and the dough mix into a ball. Then we split the ball into equal parts and rolled in to a little ball, and squashed it onto the baking tray. Finally we put them in the oven. After 10 minutes we took the cookies out of the oven. Hummmm, Yummy!!








23rd September 2016

Today after School club helped Miss Magdij make....Messy Play Gelli! We needed to remember how many spoonful's of powder we put in the tray to how many litres of water we needed to add. We waited for the powder to react with the warm water. When we felt the Gelli, we thought of some words to describe it!