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School Travel Plan


Our school travel plan is a list of actions that we commit to run as part of a whole school approach. 

We do this as part of becoming an excellent school, by supporting pupil's health, wellbeing, and safety. 

As part of our work we will look at traffic around the school and look at how we may reduce barriers and increase the incentives to active travel for as many staff, pupils and parents as possible. 

The aim is to improve physical wellbeing and support good mental health of all in our community. 


As part of our work we will look at:-

  • teaching children about road safety through a programme of assemblies and activities
  • support pupils in developing road awareness through 'Bike Ability' courses 
  • support understanding of the risks of 'engine idling', safe parking and alternatives to driving to school


Eastlands is  working very closely with the Road Safety Education Team at Warwickshire County Council.  We are committed to helping children and families be more active on their journeys to school.  Eastlands Primary School has already achieved Bronze and Silver Travel Awards.


School Street Project

Lansdown Place will be closed to school traffic 8.15  - 9.15 in the morning and at 2.30 - 3.30 at the end of each day

School Street

We have featured on the BBC Midlands Today news.  

This year we will:

  • Whole school Road Safety Week Assembly
  • Reception class - Through games, song and story children will be introduced to key road
    safety messages, including the importance of always holding hand with a trusted adult
    and stopping before the kerb.
  •  Year 1 - Children will be invited to put on their thinking hats, find their magnifying glasses and turn on their listening ears in preparation for becoming Road Safety Spies. They
    will complete several top-secret missions to help them learn and remember how to stay
    safe with their adults. They will be introduced to key vocabulary, the Road Safety Code,
    and safer places to cross the road, and taught to recognise unsafe places to cross, such
    as between parked cars and on a bend.
  • Year 2– Scooter Safety Circus
  • Year 3– Road Safety Superheroes
  •  Year 4— Safety through the seasons. Using observational activities, engaging visuals
    and class discussion opportunities, this scientific themed video builds on prior road safety
    messages to deliver a timely reminder about how to keep safe on darker days and evenings and the importance of seeing the dangers.
  • Year 5 - Dangerous Distractions
  • Year 6 - Transition to Secondary Focus and are signposted to local cycling proficiency

Road Safety Parent Page

Parental guide to Seat Belt and Child Restraints 

Changes to Highway Code Leaflet  - January 2022



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