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Extra Curricular

EPS School Statement on extra-curricular

The schools offers a range  of extra curricular opportunities including sports clubs, art & crafts, environmental and community clubs etc.

Recently, the school has access an allotment and working closely with our parents and community this is now developing. 

At Eastlands our Kids In the Community (KICs) is a well-established programme.

Why community connections are good for children

Children who are connected to extended family and family friends, and people in their neighbourhood and community have:

  • a sense of belonging to a place and community
  • opportunities to learn about getting along with others
  • people to go to when they need help
  • a network they can use to learn about different jobs, skills and so on.

Strong social connections can also boost a child’s confidence and lead to new friendships.

Different community connections have different benefits for children.

Over the years we have built link with St. PJ church, local companies such as  Cemex, Rotary clubs, Blind and deaf societies, local care home

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