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Autumn Term 2015 - Learning Challenge 2

Prime Learning Challenge Question
                                                Were the dark days of London really that dark?
                                                  Subsidiary Learning Challenge Questions:
                                                Who were the Roundheads and the Cavaliers?
                                              Was Oliver Cromwell right to stop the monarchy?
                               Why was the execution of Charles 1 a major event in British history?
                                  Why do you think the monarchy was restored after a short while?
                     Set up a Parliamentary debate for and against Cromwell, film it and then show it.
          Why do some people think that the Great Fire was one of the best things that happened to London?
                          Who was Samuel Pepys and would he have been a modern day blogger?
Recreate  the Great Fire of London in an artistic way.

This is our second learning challenge in Year 6. This historical based study of British history will extend the children’s understanding of the beheading of Charles 1st, the Civil War and the Great Fire of London. 

To help them to gain a better understanding of these times they could research the life and times of Stuart Britain, the British Civil War and the beginnings of Parliament and the Politicians and politics of this era.

Children will be drawing timelines of the events thinking about, famous people, weaponry, transport and health care during this era.

They will research a person from this time period thinking about what influences they had on the country we live in today. 

Useful books to read:

 Tudors and Stuarts

  • From battles and beheadings, to plots and plague, this book tells the story of life in Britain under the Tudors and Stuarts.
  • Full of intriguing facts, illustrations, detailed reconstructions, paintings and maps.
  • Includes links to websites to find out more information via the Usborne Quicklinks Website.

The Slimy Stuarts

Readers can discover all the foul facts about the SLIMY STUARTS, including why some slimy Stuarts ate toads, snails and fleas, which king picked his nose and never washed his hands and why people wore fish on their feet (bleeugh!). With a bold new look, these bestselling titles are sure to be a huge hit with yet another generation of Terry Deary fans. Revised by the author and illustrated throughout to make HORRIBLE HISTORIES more accessible to young readers.


Thank you to those of you who were able to make our parent's information meeting. To view the Power Point please click the picture below.

Autumn Term 2015 - Learning Challenge 1

 Prime Learning Challenge Question
 Will you ever see the water you drink again?
 Subsidiary Learning Challenge Questions
 Why is water a major necessity in any town, village or city?
 How does rain water form in the first place?
 Why do some places go for a long time without rain and others have too much rain?
 How is water used to help provide energy to many places?
 Can you create a boat that requires water to power it?
 What happens to the water in our home once it disappears down the sink?
 Can you recreate a famous waterscape?


Suggested Text:


Helpful websites to support this learning challenge:

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