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Year 6 Leopards 2016 - 2017


Mrs Warrington Mrs Stonell

Goodbye and Good Luck Year 6

Year 6 getting ready to move on... Click the picture below to see all the fun at the leavers ball.

Year 6 had an amazing residential visit to Skern recently. Click on the picture below to see what they got up to on day one!


Summer Term 2017 - Learning Challenge 4


                                                                                        Prime Learning Challenge Question
Who were the Mayans and what have we learnt from them?
                                                                                   Subsidiary Learning Challenge Questions:
Who were the Mayans and where did they live?
What evidence do we have that the Mayans were an advanced civilisation?
What have the Mayan civilisation in common with space travel?
What can we learn from the way they built their pyramids ?
What do we know of the rituals carried out by the Mayans?
                                                                            Why was the sun an important feature in Mayan life?
                                                                                 What caused the Mayan civilisation to disappear?


Year 6 have been very busy during Science Week.

1st March - All parents were invited to a KS2 Maths Parents Meeting today.  Please click on the picture below to view the PowerPoint Presentation which was shared by Mrs Warrington.

Spring Term 2017 - Learning Challenge 3

Prime Learning Challenge Question
  I'm a Year 6 pupil, can you get me out of here?
    Subsidiary Learning Challenge Questions:
Can you find your school on an OS map and a birds eye view?
What would a birds eye view of your school look like?
      Can you put together a map of the immediate area around your school?
                                  If you get stuck in Skern, how would you go about finding your way home?
                     How would you go about planning a trip to a European city to include cost and time?
                                        Can you use a map including the 8 compass point directions to plan an orienteering course for Year 5?

This is our third Learning Challenge. It is a geography based project to develop our skills and understanding of our country, Europe and mapping. Children will be learning how to read OS maps and understanding how to read a range of scales. They will make careful use of measurements and using data and learn how to correctly describe physical environments.

Look at how Year 6 contributed towards our school vision

Sharing confidently with the school community.

Homework for this week is a matching pairs game involving fractions and percentages. Please can you sign the homework book to show that your child has completed this task. Here are this week's spellings too.












Maths Homework:

Year 6 have been busy this term, please take a look.




As part of their second Learning Challenge Year 6 have been re-creating the Great Fire of London

Autumn Term 2016 - Learning Challenge 2

Prime Learning Challenge Question
                                                Were the dark days of London really that dark?
                                                  Subsidiary Learning Challenge Questions:
                                                Who were the Roundheads and the Cavaliers?
                                              Was Oliver Cromwell right to stop the monarchy?
                               Why was the execution of Charles 1 a major event in British history?
                                  Why do you think the monarchy was restored after a short while?
                     Set up a Parliamentary debate for and against Cromwell, film it and then show it.
          Why do some people think that the Great Fire was one of the best things that happened to London?
                          Who was Samuel Pepys and would he have been a modern day blogger?
Recreate  the Great Fire of London in an artistic way.



Year 6 have been designing and constructing their boats. Whose design will be successful?

Autumn Term 2016 - Learning Challenge 1

 Prime Learning Challenge Question
 Will you ever see the water you drink again?
 Subsidiary Learning Challenge Questions
 Why is water a major necessity in any town, village or city?
 How does rain water form in the first place?
 Why do some places go for a long time without rain and others have too much rain?
 How is water used to help provide energy to many places?
 Can you create a boat that requires water to power it?
 What happens to the water in our home once it disappears down the sink?
 Can you recreate a famous waterscape


Please click HERE to view the Year 6 parents PowerPoint.

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