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Year 3 Turtles 2016-2017


Miss Towers Mrs Vikmanis



Year 3 thoroughly enjoying Science Week!

Learning Challenge 4

Who first lived in Britain?

KS2 History: Stone Age to the Iron Age, including Hunter gatherers; Early farming; Bronze Age, and Iron Age


What jobs do archaeologists do and why are they so valuable in helping us find out about history?


How did the Early Britons make shelters?


Would the Early Britons have visited a supermarket for their food?


What can you find out about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages?


What do we know about the life styles of the early Britons through the art they produced?


How do you think the early Britons would have communicated?


Reflection: Working in groups the children should put together a ICT presentation of the life of Early Britons taking account of their weapons, food, ways of communicating and eating.

Year 3 building on their gymnastics skills at Rugby Gymnastics Club.

1st March - All parents were invited to a KS2 Maths Parents Meeting today.  Please click on the picture below to view the PowerPoint Presentation which was shared by Mrs Warrington.

Have a look at Year 3 dressed as their favourite book character!

Look at how Year 3 contributed towards our school vision

During English, year 3 have really enjoyed listening and reading the book of Greek myths by Geraldine McCaughrean 


In science, Year 3 have enjoyed investigating magnets!

Spring Term 2016 - Learning Challenge 3

Prime Learning Challenge Question

Has Greece always been in the news?

Subsidiary Learning Challenge Questions

Where is Greece and what physical features attract them there?

Who were the Ancient Greeks and what did we learn from them and how are we reminded of them today?

...and the Oscar goes to? (Which Greek God would you choose to receive a special award?)

Would you have enjoyed being an Olympian?

What is democracy and what part did the Greeks have in creating it?

Suggested texts:

The Orchard Book of Greek myths by Geraldine McCaughrean 

Greek Myths by Marcia Williams 

Osbourne Visitor's Guide to Ancient Greece Compiled by Lesley Sims and Conrad Mason 

Michael Morpurgo The Orchard Book of Aesop's Fables by Emma Chichester Clark 

Ancient Greece by Peter Connolly 

DK Eyewitness Ancient Greece  

Holiday brochures on Greece 

Helpful websites to support this learning challenge:

Welcome back after our Christmas holidays.  We are ready to have another exciting half term.  We are looking forward to learning all about Greece.  Please come back often to see what we have been up to and follow us on Twitter for up to the minute news!  

Year 3 wish you a Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!

In art, Year 3 have been studying the work of Antoni Gaudí.  Taking inspiration from Antoni Gaudí's work, they created their own buildings.  Take a look at their finished learning.



In science, we are thinking about the human body.  Have a look at our skeletons, they are amazing!


We have been very busy in the classroom!

We are thoroughly enjoying sharing the story of George's Marvellous Medicine!  

What a great way to start our new half term celebrating the work of Roald Dahl.  Everyone was invited to dress up as a Roald Dahl book character.  Have a look at how fantastic we looked!

Welcome back after the half term holiday.  We have a lot going on this half term with a very exciting learning challenge all about the Mediterranean.  Have a look below for all the questions we will be using to help us to learn about this wonderful part of our world. Our webpage will be updated regularly so keep coming back for updates!



Autumn Term 2015 - Learning Challenge 2

Prime Learning Challenge Question

Why do so many people go to the Mediterranean for their holidays?

Subsidiary Learning Challenge Questions

What are the advantages / disadvantages of living in a Mediterranean country?

Why do Mediterranean countries have a warmer climate than we do?

Which fruits and vegetables are produced in the Mediterranean?

How can we organise a Mediterranean food festival?

How would you go about attracting someone to visit a Mediterranean country?

Why doesn't everyone speak English and use the same money?

Who are the famous artists of the Mediterranean and what can we learn from them?

Which European cities can we associate with different types of music?

Reflection: Children in groups choose a European city and put together a special presentation on it.

Suggested texts:

Holiday brochures on destinations in the Mediterranean

The Shakespeare Stories by Andrew Matthews and Tony Ross

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

The Animated Tales: Romeo and Juliet

Buried Treasure in Stories from around the World by Usbourne

The Mystery of the Mona Lisa by Elizabeth Singer Hunt

Helpful websites to support this learning challenge:




13th October 2016

Today Year 3 were invited to take part in a Tag Rugby Festival at St Andrews Rugby Club by Harris School.  Although it was very chilly, Year 3 really got into the spirit and learnt some new skills.  Each child has been given 2 tickets for Saturdays WASPS match, please let Mrs Towers know if you would like them.  Thank you to Harris School and the WASPS Community. Take a look at photographs from today.

Click HERE to view the parents meeting PowerPoint.


Autumn Term 2015 - Science Learning Challenge 1

Prime Learning Challenge Question

How far can you throw your shadow?

Subsidiary Learning Challenge Questions

How can you show that your shadow changes according to the position of the Sun?

Why do footballers in a night match often have four shadows?

How can you explain the relationship between the Sun and the Moon (in terms of lighting up the Moon)?

How can you design and make a periscope to show how light reflects?

How can you set up an experiment to show how shiny things respond in the dark?

Can you create a painting which shows reflection of light on water?

Can you create a stained glass window which is translucent?

Reflection: Put together a photo story or Power point of the completed challenge.


Suggested texts:

The Dark by Lemony Snicket

Darkness slipped in By Ella Barfoot

Little Mouse's big book of fears by Emily Gravett


Helpful websites to support this learning challenge:

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