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Reception Penguins 2016-2017


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What an amazing year!

Summer Term 2 2017

Prime learning challenge question

Who can I ask for help?

Subsidiary questions

How does Bob the builder help us?

What does Postman Pat do?

Why do some people need to wear special clothes at work?

Why do you go to school?

Why is it important to have a hospital?

When would Fireman Sam be very helpful?

It has been so much fun learning all about minibeasts. Thank you to parents for coming on our minibeast hunt on Wednesday- it was great to see so many of you and the children really enjoyed sharing their learning with you.  We are looking forward to starting our 'people who help us' topic next week! 

Have a look at our minibeast animoto below...

It's been a busy week in Reception this week. We have started our transition into Year 1 by getting used to all doing Maths activities at the same time which we have all enjoyed, where we looked at Base Ten resources to make different numbers. In child-initiated time some of the children decided to play the Base Ten interactive game and chose to challenge themselves to make numbers bigger than 100 which was amazing!

We have chicks in Early Years thanks to the money raised at our bingo event! The eggs were delivered on Monday and quite a few have hatched already which the children have been so excited about! The Early Years children have named the chicks and have found it very exciting to hold them!

In learning challenge we are still focussing on mini-beasts and looked at the life cycle of a butterfly this week where we made our own collages to show each stage of the cycle using pasta and marshmallows.

Our next parent reflection is on Wednesday 14th June at 9.15 where the children will share with you their learning about mini-beasts and we will all go on a mini beast hunt on the field (weather permitting!). We look forward to seeing many of you there.

Early Years will be having a separate sports day to the rest of the school this year and this will be in July. As soon as we have chosen a date for this we will let you know.

Our people who help us topic will be starting on the 19th June- if any parents are free for half an hour to pop in on any day after the 19th to talk to the children about the job you do then please let me or Mrs Ryan know and we can arrange this with you. Thank you!

We had a fantastic time at Brandon Marsh on Tuesday. Have a look below at our very exciting day!


Summer Term 1 2017

Prime learning challenge question

Are all minibeasts scary?

Subsidiary questions

Does a worm have legs?

Why does a spider need legs?

Why does a snail carry a home on it's back?

Why does a ladybird have spots?

Where did the butterfly come from?


This week we have been practicing subtraction and learning that we go backwards on a number line so that our numbers get smaller. We did this by drawing a giant chalk number line outside and solving sums by hopping along the line. We also played a game of bowling and made up our own subtraction sums and acted out 5 monkeys jumping on the bed, taking away 1 monkey each time.

During outdoor learning we have been practicing numeral formation and we decided to collect lot of sticks to make different numbers. We have also enjoyed going to the trim trail this week where we used our gross motor skills to help us jump, balance and climb.

We have really enjoyed our castle topic where we have made sandcastles, pretended to be knights in the role play area and played with the castle and knight small world.

The tadpoles have started to turn into frogs and we have really enjoyed observing the changes, the children run to the tank every morning to see if there are any more frogs and have been writing down their observations!

We are really looking forward to beginning our minibeast topic next week and going to Brandon Marsh on Tuesday!

Summer Term 1 2017

Prime learning challenge question

Was it once upon a mixed up time?

Subsidiary questions

What are the dangers in a house of straw?

Is it a good idea to make my house out of sweets?

Fairy Godmother, why did your magic stop at midnight?

Do you feel sorry for the big bad wolf?

A long, long time ago was there an ogre called Shrek?


Suggested texts:

Hansel and Gretel



Big bad wolf

Jack and the beanstalk


Home learning:

Watch this link with your child and discuss whether ogres really exist!

We have has a super time being detectives this week in Penguins class! We came in on Monday to a police investigation area and we had to solve, 'Who broke Baby Bear's chair?'. The time had stopped on the clock so we could see what time the incident happened and which size bowl was empty on the table.  There were footprints and finger prints left behind by the fairytale character which we measured in Maths to see if they matched either Little Red Riding Hood, The Gingerbread Man, Goldilocks or the Big Bad Wolf. Each day we tried to match the sizes of these prints to each character and eliminated a character every day until we only had two characters left...Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood! On Friday we noticed an extra piece of evidence...a red ribbon and a red cape stuck on the window!  We discovered that it wasn't Goldilocks this was Red Riding Hood!

Throughout the week as we tried to work out who had done it,, we created our own Wanted posters to stick around the classroom and filled out Police records. We had lots of fun doing this!  

We have had a brilliant Science week! Take a look at our animoto below.

This week we looked at recording data in pictograms to find out what Reception's favourite party food is for Cinderella's ball and also what our favourite fairy tale character is. We were able to look at our findings and talk about which was the most and least popular. We then started to look at tally charts and enjoyed going around the class in choosing time asking our friends questions and recording in tally marks.

We have really enjoyed the nicer weather this week and decided to plant some sunflower seeds in the flowerbeds and also in our own pots so we can eventually take them home. We could say what sunflowers need to grow such as light and water and enjoyed watering the seeds once they were in the soil.

If you would like to buy a ticket for the bingo event to raise money for Early Years to have chicks in school, please ask one of the Early Years staff for a ticket.

Please feel free anytime to ask to look through your child's learning journal, they are always available for you to do so.


This week we started our Cinderella topic and on Monday afternoon Cinderella came and taught us for the afternoon which was very exciting! We used a CD player to play some music and danced to some songs with Cinderella. We also had a circle time about being kind to each other after Cinderella's step-sisters were not very kind to her.

During choosing time we have been writing invitations to each other to invite friend's to our ball role play area. We also got creative and made the Fairy Godmother's magic wand.

In Maths we started to look at using the language of time and made our own human clocks! We became the hands for the clock and made lots of o'clock times, we were super at knowing that the big hand always points to the 12 when it's o' clock.

On Thursday it was World book day and we were so excited to show off our fantastic costumes to our friends-the children all looked super!

Spring Term 2 2017

 Prime learning challenge question

How can we help Cinderella have a ball?

Subsidiary questions

Is a glass slipper a sensible dancing shoe?

How can we make Prince Charming's castle more modern?

How can we make Cinderella's Christmas more exciting?

How can we make sure everyone has a special time at the ball?

Would you prefer Prince Charming or Cinderellas life?



This week we carried on with our Space topic and looked at the story 'Aliens love underpants!" We started to look at the concept of doubling in Maths and used underpants templates to double the amount of spots so that each side had the same amount. We then said what the number sentence would be and practiced writing down our doubling sums.

Outside we had a 2d and 3d shape focus where we had to find the hidden shapes in the tray and say what each shape was called and describe the shape. We also showed great teamwork by digging up soil and moving the soil into one of the flowerbeds so that soon we can plant some sunflowers.

This week it was Internet Safety week and the children read a story about Smartie the Penguin and what he did if something popped up on the computer when he was playing, or if someone started to say unkind things on the computer. Smartie gave the children options to choose from-either he would fix the problem himself, or he would tell a grown-up and the children all agreed that you should always tell a grown-up if something happens when they are on the internet.

The children are working hard in their RWI lessons and next week they will be assessed and re-grouped, look out at the end of the week for which group your child will be in after the half term.

n June we are hoping to have eggs in Early Years that will hatch into chicks. This will aid our work on transition into Year 1, change and life cycles. We will be fundraising soon to reach the amount we need and your support is greatly appreciated as always.

Look at how Reception contributed towards our school vision

This week Reception started their topic all about space. We began the week by having a show all about space in the planetarium which came in to school- this was very exciting! We learnt the names of the planets and looked at the stars and what pictures the stars made if you joined them up like a dot to dot.

The role play area has been transformed into a space centre and the children are really enjoying the dark tent where they have been using torches to look at space books. Thank you to all parents who helped their child to make a solar system, they are absolutely brilliant and look fantastic on the wall and ceiling of our role play area!

We have a moon small world in the tuff tray where we have been pretending to be astronauts with friends and we learnt the song' 5 little men in a flying saucer' which we have been role playing with an inflatable globe in our Maths area and writing down the subtraction sums each time. Outdoors we have used our fine motor skills to weave ribbon and made patterns in the 'moon dust'.  

We looked at the story 'Whatever next' by Jill Murphy this week and incorporated this into our Maths learning. We had a teddy bears picnic and learnt how to halve a number of sweets between Baby bear and his friend the owl. We also had a circle time where we had a box as our rocket and colander as our space helmet from the story and told everybody where we would like to go if we were Baby bear in his space rocket - answers ranged from "I would visit Pluto as it is so teeny tiny", "I would go to the garden centre and buy my Mummy and Daddy some flowers", and, "I would go to Asda!"  

This week we learnt about Chinese New Year and enjoyed a range of activities about the festival. In Maths we had Chinese lucky red envelopes which we learnt go under children's pillows at night and people put money or sweets into them. Ours had money in them so we had to count how much money there was in each envelope and then put the amounts into order from the least to the most. We enjoyed using chopsticks in the funky fingers area to move the noodles from the take away dishes onto some plates to serve in the Chinese restaurant role play. Outside we worked together with Nursery to make a Chinese dragon out of junk modelling boxes. We also had Chinese numerals in glitter which we practiced writing using paintbrushes.

We are really looking forward to the planetarium coming into school on Monday to begin our space topic and we look forward to seeing some of the children's solar systems they have made at home which they have been excitedly telling us all about!

Thank you to all the parents who joined us for the Maths workshop on Wednesday evening, we hope it was useful and that you took away some ideas to further support your child at home with their maths learning.

Below is the Maths workshop powerpoint.

We had a 'super' week looking at superheroes this week! A superhero had visited over the weekend and the only trace was his handprint on the door. Reception had to measure a number of handprints using cubes or rulers to find out which superhero it was...turns out it was Spiderman! We also created our own superhero masks and drew our own comic strips- learning all about speech bubbles which look great on our display. In our Maths area we had 'Superhero HQ' where we enjoyed using a telephone to phone different superheroes in the phone book if there was an emergency! On the funky fingers table we had to free the superheroes as they were all tied up. In the builders tray we had Spiderman's web and we had to be very careful not to touch the web when using the tweezers to pick items out of the tray!

Last week we started to create a Reception 'floorbook' and the children got in to groups and thought of their own questions which they would like to know about the famous characters in our books. One group focussed on Room on the Broom and each came up with their own question about the story which we wrote down. Then we went around the group again voting for the question we would most like to answer. Once that was decided the children thought of ways they could answer the question. This group wanted to answer, 'How can you make your own broomstick', so they went around the room collecting their own materials, either individually or in partners. Some children used paper towels and stuck them together, and others also made a witch to go on their  cotton bud broomstick! 

We look forward to seeing you at the Maths workshop on Wednesday 25th January at 3.30pm

It was lovely to see so many happy, excited faces coming back to school after the Christmas holidays. We have had a lovely few days sharing stories about what we got up to on Christmas day and what exciting things Father Christmas delivered to us.

Our new topic for the next few weeks is, "Who are the famous characters inside my books?" and we have started off this topic by focussing on The Gruffalo and the 3 Billy Goats Gruff. We have been painting some fantastic pictures of the Gruffalo for our display and using different textures to create his purple prickles and his green wart! For our funky fingers activity we have used purple pegs to attach the Gruffalo's prickles on to his back. Some ingredients were left outside to make a Gruffalo crumble but there was no instructions! So we had to use our critical thinking to decide how to make it and which ingredients we would need to make  a crumble-this was very fun and very messy! In the builders tray is the 3 Billy Goats Gruff story scene with a river and we are using construction pieces to design a bridge for the Goats to cross.

The role play area has changed in to the Gingerbread Man bakery and we are having lots of fun pretending to be the shopkeeper and customers, buying bakery items and using language of money.

 The children have had a fantastic start in their new RWinc groups and continue to work hard learning lots of sounds and segmenting and blending words.

There will be a Maths workshop within the next few weeks, please look out for a sign up sheet outside the classroom next week.

Spring Term 1 2017

 Prime learning challenge question

Who are the famous characters inside my books?

Subsidiary questions

Could you be a superhero like Traction man or Super Daisy?

Where are the wild things?

Is there any Room on the Broom for me?

Could you help the three Billy Goats Gruff get to the other side of the bridge?

Would you like to have tea with The Gruffalo?

It's been a very busy and exciting end to the term in Reception. We have all really enjoyed making lots of Christmas crafts such as our very own snow globes, reindeer tree decorations and magic reindeer food. We worked so hard practicing our Christmas Nativity, 'Woopsy Daisy Angel', and we hope you all enjoyed it! Thank you to all parents who joined us for our reflection of our Learning Challenge topic , 'Why is it always cold in the Winter'.

 Below is a video of all the brilliant things we have been up to this half term. We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year!

Christmas has arrived in Penguins Class and it has been a very exciting week! The role play area has been set up as Father Christmas' house and the children have loved dressing up as Santa and his elves, using their motor skills to wrap presents to deliver to their friends.

We continued our learning of The Snowman story this week and sequenced the key events of the story in Maths. We made some very yummy melting snowman biscuits to show what the snowman looked like at the end of the story. We also made foaming snowmen outside using baking powder, salt and washing up liquid. We moulded the mixture into snowmen, then watched them foam up and 'melt' when we poured vinegar on them!

We have been busy practicing our Christmas play with Nursery and look forward to you seeing it very soon!

On Tuesday 13th December we would like to invite parents in for a reflection of our Winter topic at 3pm. This is an opportunity for the children to share with you their learning about Winter/Christmas- we look forward to seeing you there.

Next week is a very fun week as we have got Peter Pan the pantomime coming into school on Tuesday and we are going to the church on Thursday morning.

This week we started our Winter topic and have enjoyed a range of Winter themed activities around the classroom. One of the favourite activities was experimenting with snow-dough. We moulded snowmen and snow-balls with it and also pretended to make it snow. The children enjoyed it so much that they asked if they could make their own snow-dough, so they put the ingredients into the tray and mixed them all up- this was lots of fun!

We also practiced sequencing snow-man cups in the maths challenge area and making 2d snowmen in the funky fingers area.

In Maths we sequenced numbers up to 20 and made number tracks using number tiles.  We threw 'snow balls' on to the numbers and whatever number the snow-ball landed on we had to say the number each time. We also practiced careful counting and numeral recognition using snowmen, numbered hats and buttons.

We also watched The Snowman this week and wrote about what happened in the story, using our phonics knowledge to help us segment and blend words.

We are looking forward to having Father Christmas' house appearing in the role play area next week!


Autumn Term 2 2016

Prime learning challenge question

Why is it always cold in the Winter?

Subsidiary questions

Are you as cuddly as Cuddly Dudley?

Where do animals go in Winter?

Where did the snowman go?

How can I keep warm?

Why can I see my breath?

Where does Father Christmas live?

This week we continued our learning on addition and used a variety of resources to help us solve the number sentences. We are getting really super at recognising the add and equals sign and reading number sentences and we used ladybirds, spots and hand templates to help us.

Outside we enjoyed jumping into hoops which had sounds in, saying what each sound was and then blending all the sounds together to say the word. We then wanted to use the hoops to practice hula-hooping!

As it was anti-bullying week this week, we created some friendship flowers. We wrote how we can be a good friend to others and came up with some lovely ideas such as, 'using kind words', 'sharing with others', and, 'helping our friends'.

Next week we begin our Winter learning challenge.

This week we started our gymnastics lessons and learnt how to do pencil rolls and teddy bear rolls in PE. We discussed how we can be safe doing the rolls and we said that it was important to only have 1 person on the mat at a time and "only roll on the soft mats so we do not hurt ourselves on the hard floor".

In Maths we started to look at adding two numbers together using objects and looked at what number sentences look like with an add and an equals sign. Some of us decided to carry on with our maths learning during choosing time and wrote down some of our own sums using the whiteboards which was very impressive!

We went on an Autumn walk at the start of the week and enjoyed finding lots of Autumn objects. We took them back to the classroom and made some repeating pattern prints on wallpaper outside using two different colours. 

Today we learnt all about Remembrance day and why people wear poppies. We watched a lovely Cbeebies story called 'Poppies' and we had a 2 minute silence in the classroom. We then created our own poppies using coloured rice and some of us wanted to put soldiers into the 'battlefield', so we got the playdough out and created soldiers too.

Thank you to all the parents who attended the RWinc lessons throughout the week. We hope it was useful to see how we teach phonics in school and how to best support your child's phonics development at home.   


Autumn Term 2

Why are there so many leaves on the ground?

Subsidiary questions

Why do I know that it won't be hot and sunny tomorrow?

How can I create Autumn's colours?

How do I know that it is colder now than when I was on holiday?

Are all the leaves the same shape?

What happens to all the leaves that were on the ground?


We have had such a busy start to the new half term in Reception as it was Halloween, Roald Dahl week and Bonfire night!! We all enjoyed dressing up as Roald Dahl characters on Monday- very impressed with all of the outfits! As it was Halloween on Monday, we used safety knives to carve pumpkins which helped with our motor skills for writing-we had lots of fun doing this and were very proud with our finished pumpkins. We looked at Roald Dahl's revolting rhymes and discussed what rhyming words were- lots of us were super at thinking of words that rhymed and we made a rhyming 'silly soup' and stirred all of our rhyming words together. Perhaps you could think of more words that rhyme with each other at home?

Due to an interest in cars at the moment, we used cardboard tubes as ramps and carried out an investigation into which vehicle would go the quickest down the ramp. We tested a car, a train and a truck and came to the conclusion that the train was the quickest because it was the lightest. Some of us then decided to make the ramps steeper to see if the vehicles would go any quicker down them.

In maths we made some potions using green slime, spooky water, glitter and spiders! We used language such as full, empty and half full to make our potions and decided that our potions would be good to, "make you super strong like the Hulk", "to never be tired again so we don't have to ever go to sleep", and "to never be scared." In out maths challenge area we explored the concept of weight and weighed some Autumn objects on balancing scales such as pine cones and conkers to see which item was the heaviest and which was the lightest. 

For Bonfire night we made some lovely firework pictures using cardboard tubes and paint which were very colourful and sparkly!

We have also been superstars in our new RWinc groups and continue to work really hard at learning the set 1 sounds and segmenting and blending simple words.

We look forward to seeing lots of you at the RWinc workshops next week. 

This week we looked at the festival Diwali. We discussed what Diwali is and why it is celebrated. We learnt that people who celebrate Diwali spring clean their house, exchange gifts with each other and have firework partys! We also learnt that it is the festival of light and lots of candles are lit, so we made our own diya lamps to bring home so we can put a candle in them and light them and put them in our windows-they are very sparkly lamps! We created our own Mendhi patterns on hand templates too using crayons and sparkly gems! 

In maths we started to look at adding one more with objects and then using a number line, learning to jump up one to the next number to find one more. We really enjoyed  our maths challenge this week where we had to free the superheroes from their padlocks by finding the correct key which had the number that was one more on it.

We also learnt about animal habitats this week. We made our own rock pets and used the laptops to match animals with their correct habitat.

This week all the children were assessed in RWinc and have been sorted into new  groups. There will be a sticker in home-school books to say what group your child is in. Over half term, please can you continue revising all sounds with your child learnt so far.

This week for our learning challenge we explored the question, "How can you be safe in the home?" We played a game on the interactive board where we had to identify what was dangerous in different rooms of the house.  We were super at discussing what the dangers were, we pointed out that kettles and ovens were very hot so we shouldn't touch them, to be careful that water isn't left on the floor as we might slip and hurt ourselves and to be aware of any sharp objects so we don't cut ourselves. We put all of our ideas down onto a poster to inform Nursery about how they could be safe in the home too.

In Maths we started exploring 2d and 3d shapes. We played musical shapes and we were also shape detectives as our shapes went missing in the night from the classroom! They ended up being dropped somewhere around the school so we made some shape posters to put around the school to help locate those missing shapes! On the maths challenge table, the children made 2d shapes using lolly sticks and blu-tac independently.

In phonics we learnt the sounds j,v,y,w and z.We have done so well to try and remember all of the sounds we have learnt so far as there has been so many now! Please keep revising previous sounds taught with your child at home.

We also enjoyed building using sticks this week in the outdoor area, some of us wanted to build houses, coming up with ideas such as, "I'm going to make a square first, then keep adding layer after layer after layer of sticks so it gets taller and taller!" Some of us decided to make letters with the sticks too. We enjoyed some 'funky fingers' activities this week too to strengthen our hand muscles. We made the ducks move across the water by spraying them and used the tap a shape pieces to make some brilliant pictures.

Please remember to sign up for a time slot to come and observe a RWinc lesson for after half term. The time slots are on the board outside the reception classroom.


This week we started our second learning challenge topic "Is everybody's home the same?" We started off the week going on our very exciting local area walk where we discussed the similarities and differences between the houses, we explored different shapes, colours, materials and learnt words such as 'detached' and 'semi-detached'. After the walk we asked to build our own houses using the bricks in the outdoor area, so we dressed up as builders and worked hard as part of a team to create a house.  

In Maths we started to look at measuring how tall and short items were. We drew around our footprints and measured our feet with cubes to see whose was the biggest foot and whose was the smallest. We then used our footprints to measure items around the classroom, including measuring Miss Haynes and Mrs Ryan which we had great fun in doing!

In phonics we learnt the sounds l, h, sh, r and e and continued to segment and blend simple words together. I wonder if you can find items around your house that begin with those sounds? There will be an opportunity to come in and observe a RWinc lesson taking place after half term to help support your child with their phonics at home. Please look out this week for dates and times going up outside the Reception classroom to sign up for a slot.


Autumn Term 1

Is everybody's home the same?

Subsidiary questions

What is your home like?

What is a home like in the Arctic?

What can we do to be safe at home?

Who lives in a house like this?

What does every home have?

Who lives in a castle?


Helpful websites to support this Learning Challenge:

This week was our final week of our all about me topic. We had lots of fun drawing around our friends on wallpaper and labeling parts of the body using our sounds we have learnt so far in phonics. We moved all parts of our body by dancing around with our friends to the toy story theme song this week, we enjoyed exploring the different buttons on a CD player in order to change the song tracks and the volume! We also used the pegboards to make patterns using our fine motor skills and some of us decided to make some letters from phonics which was very impressive!

In phonics we learnt the sounds c,k,u,b and f and continue to work really hard writing our letters on whiteboards. In Maths we started to look at money, we pretended to be shopkeepers and customers counting out 1 penny coins to match price tags on food upto 20p. We then tipped out Miss Haynes' money box to see how many 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p coins there was and sorted them all into groups. 

In PE we started to learn about throwing with accuracy and aimed beanbags into hoops. We are looking forward to our local walk on Monday afternoon when we start our new learning challenge topic "Is everybody's home the same?"

Below is the RWinc phonics powerpoint from the workshop to help you support your child's phonics development at home.

It has been a great week in reception. We have really been enjoying our phonics lessons with Fred the frog and have learnt the behavioural expectations and rules of the RWI programme really well. This week we learnt the sounds i, n, p, g and o and we have started to blend some of our previously taught sounds together to make  simple words with magnetic letters , such as 'mat', 'sad', and 'sat'.

In Maths we have been looking at recognising numerals and ordering them correctly. Muddles the rabbit had become all confused when he pegged the washing out and ended up putting the washing out in the wrong order, so we had to help Muddles put the numbers back into the right order again.

As part of our learning challenge topic, "All about me", we drew our favourite things onto paper plates. Some of our favourite things included Mummy, Daddy, ice and money! We also had a circle time discussion about similarities and differences between our friends in reception. To help us recognise our names, we traced around our names with glue and stuck cheerios all around the letters, which also helped us with our fine motor skills for writing too! 

Just to remind parents that we need consent by Monday  26th September for our local area walk, so if you haven't done so yet please write your consent for your child in their home-school communication book. Also, a reminder about the proud parent penguins-please could you remember to fill those out and hand back in next week so they can be added to our display and then to your child's learning journey, thank you :)

Below are some photos of our busy week!

What a super couple of weeks we have had settling in to school life! We have been meeting new friends, exploring our new classroom-inside and outside, and we were all very excited this week that we now stay for yummy lunches!

This week we began our RWinc phonics lessons with Fred the Frog and we have been learning the set 1 sounds 'm,a,s,d,t'. Phonics sheets are being sent home each time we learn a new sound and these sheets can be kept at home so your child can continue to practice these sounds with you regularly. There will be a RWinc workshop on Monday 26th September at 5pm for parents to provide you with all the information an support you need to best support your child's phonics development at home. There will also be an opportunity later on in the Autumn term for parents to come in and watch a RWinc lesson taking place. 

We also started Maths this week and have been practicing counting carefully and recognising some numerals. We had to guess how many items were in the mystery box, then checked our answer by opening the box counting them. We then matched the amount of objects to the correct numeral. We also had hot chocolate mug templates and mini marshmallows and we had to put the correct amount of marshmallows onto the mugs. 

We have also really enjoyed our new interactive board which we have played maths games on and drawing pictures. We also used paper plates to design our faces for our 'all about me topic'. 

We are all looking forward to doing more exciting things in reception next week! 

Autumn Term 1

Prime learning challenge question

What do I know about me?

Subsidiary questions

How am I the same? How am I different?

What makes a family?

Why do I look like I do?

What I like best is...?

Where in the world do my family come from?

What can I do with my body?

Helpful websites that support this learning challenge:

For the first half term we will be focusing on matching numerals and quantities, counting accurately and recognising numerals in Maths. Below are some websites that will help support your child's maths learning at home:

In phonics we will be following the Read Write Inc programme. At the start of the year, all children will begin in group A for 6 weeks where they will learn the rules and behavioural expectations of the programme and they will learn all set 1 sounds through rhymes and phrases which will help them with their letter formation. After 6 weeks, all children will be assessed and grouped accordingly. There is more information about the Read Write Inc programme below.

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