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Please click on the link below to view information for parents and carers on the end of year expectations for children in our school. The National Curriculum outlines these expectations as being the minimum requirements your child must meet in order to ensure continued progress.

Year 4 Parents National Curriculum Leaflet

Subject Mapping


Welcome to Year 4 Elephants!



Summer Term 1

What would you have done after school 100 years ago?

English & Learning Challenge

We have been comparing life now to life 100 years ago and have done a lot of work on WW1. We have written newspaper reports informing the country of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, learnt all about life as an evacuee and written a letter from one to their families, are in the middle of editing our stories and are working on poetry based on 'In Flanders Fields'.

In comprehension sessions, we have been challenged by Michael Morpurgo's 'Private Peaceful'. It has taught us all about life in and around WW1 and what is was like to be a child back then. We also looked at the life of a soldier living in the trenches and felt empathy for lots of the characters in the book! If you would like to read along, the story is on (remember though Year 4, don't ruin the ending!)


We have even looked at how different dance was around 100 years ago! We have learnt and choreographed a piece using the Charleston from the 1920s.

(If you want to practise Year 4, the music is on here...

We hope to see parents, friends and family at our presentation afternoon so that you can see how hard we have worked!

Watch this space for pictures and videos!


In Science, we received a letter from Mr Grinling (the lighthouse keeper). He asked us to design and make him a new, more interesting, lighthouse. We were allowed to use our imaginations, as long as the light worked and we made a fully functioning switch! We conducted an investigation into which material would be the best to use to make the switch and created them in our groups.

Check out some of our work so far...


We have been revisiting different areas of Maths in our Tuesday sessions! Have a look below at each week's focus and check if there's any homework help for this week...

w/c 16.05.16- Estimating

The two videos below should help you to remember the methods we use...

w/c 23.05.16 - Addition and subtraction (including using the inverse and word problems!)

The first video is help for the homework with subtraction questions,

the second one is for the homework with 'using the inverse' questions!

Spring Term

We have had a great start to this term! Our new learning challenge is...

Who were the Romans and why were they so powerful?

So far, we have looked at...

Roman Villas

We pretended to be Roman estate agents and planned the building and selling of a Roman Villa, we had a budget of 7000d and we tried to sell our Villas using persuasive language.

Roman leaders

We used the internet and books to research Julius Caesar. We found out lots of information about his life, this went on to help us to create trailers for 'Julius Caesar the movie'. Take a look at two fantastic examples...

Maths this term:

  • Fractions
  • Angles
  • Perpendicular and Parallel lines
  • Rectangles & squares

These will change week by week depending on the children's progression in each area.

Don't forget to check your child's home-school communication book for invitations to pre-teach sessions!


Winter Term

We have had a fantastic first term of the year! The children have tried so hard and produced some amazing work.


A new love for Shakespeare was found!

We did lots of work on Shakespeare in our Learning challenge & English sessions! One day we even managed to create A Midsummer Night’s dream in a day! Take a look at the fantastic job the children did of making props out of newspapers...


We became painters & designers!

In Design & Technology, we designed and built our own bridges for the construction of the HS2. Then, in Art we found our inner painters and created some amazing flower art work inspired by living things in our local environment.



We were captivated by the story of The Christmas Truce!

With it being near to Christmas, we decided to look at the story of the Christmas Truce from WW1 as the children really took a shine to the story and the book by Hilary Robinson!

Here’s Joshua G, Kelilah & Jack to re-tell you the story...

Finally... we are all very excited about Christmas!

Our bauble advent calendar is getting smaller and our Christmas tree is getting busier. Our Christmas play rehearsals are going well and we are really looking forward to the pantomime! We hope you have a fantastic Christmas!

                             From Miss Forrester, Mrs Allen, Ms Haynes & all of the children!

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