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View a life in Year 2

Please click on the link below to view information for parents and carers on the end of year expectations for children in our school. The National Curriculum outlines these expectations as being the minimum requirements your child must meet in order to ensure continued progress.

Year 2 Parents National Curriculum Leaflet


Subject Mapping

Please have a look at the Love Reading reading list that I have generated.

For every £100 spent the school gets vouchers for books.

Why do we like to be beside the seaside?

In our 5th and final Learning Challenge of Year 2 we will be exploring the questions:

  • Where do you go to on holiday and why?
  • What attracts visitors to seaside resorts?
  • What do you notice about the coast and how is it different to your town?
  • What can we learn about lifeboats and lighthouses?
  • What was Weston Super-Mare like in the past?
  • Can you create your own digital postcards?
  • What can you find in rock pools?

To finish our final learning challenge and to celebrate our year together we will work as a class to create a presentation on ‘What makes a seaside special?’

We all had a great time with friends and family at out end of Year picnic.

What a lovely afternoon we had

Would you like to meet one of these fearsome 'Flotsam' creatures on your trip to the seaside?

How much sand and water do you need to make the perfect sandcastle?

What questions would you ask the weird and wonderful creatures from 'Flotsam'

Our visit to Weston Super-Mare

Learning Challenge 4

Why were Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus brave?

Subsidiary LC Questions:


  • What would we need to take with us on a voyage of discovery?
  • Who was Christopher Columbus and why do we talk about him today?
  • Who was Neil Armstrong and why do we talk about him today?
  • What would it be like to be a spaceman?
  • Who do you know that is famous and what can you find out about them?
  • Can you create a space painting or a painting of an old ship sailing on the sea?
  • Why would Christopher Columbus’s and Neil Armstrong’s voyages have been very dangerous?
  • How did Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong make our world a better place?
  • Reflection: What would you like to become famous for and why?



English - Year 2 are loving their new text 'Beegu'.

We have been doing lots of drama activities and talk for writing to help immerse us in the text before we write our own version of the story.

Year 2 have been very lucky and had some frogspawn delivered to the classroom.

We are very excited to watch it grow and hatch.  It seems to have grown overnight! 

We will be keeping a scrapbook/diary to help us chart the lifecycle of a frog.

Come in and have a look!

Learning Challenge 3

Where would you prefer to live: England or Africa?

During our 3rd Learning Challenge we will be researching what it is like to be a child in Africa and writing a persuasive argument about where we would prefer to live and why.

During our first week back we discussed the kind of things that we would like to find out about Africa,(some of these will become our subsidiary learning challenge questions); we have told our friends what we already know and; had a look at various websites, including CBBC Newsround to help us find out a few more facts.

Our egg has hatched but what was inside?

We have used our sketches of dinosaur habitats to help us make dioramas.

Year 2 have been designing habitats for dinosaurs. 

The children brought in lots of twigs and cosy leaves to protect the dinosaur egg and keep it warm.  

I wonder when it will hatch...

We have our very own dinosaur museum in Year 2.  

Come and have a look.  We even have the elusive Vegisaurus...

Look what we found hidden in the playground this afternoon...

What do you think a dinosaur egg would look like?

Year 2 found out.  They especially like the description of the ovriaptor...

What would you ask an eagle if it was a guest on a chat show?

Look at the noun phrases and adjectives that Year 2 have used to describe two scenes of Kapiti Plain.

Year 2 are trainee paleontologists.

Do you know your Theropod from you Sauropod? 

Year 2 increasing their knowledge of our English text - 'Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain'.

Playing team games with our new Premier Sports Coach Mr. O.

World Book Day 2016

Learning Challenge 2 

What was it like when the Queen came to the throne in 1953?

Christmas fun in Year 2

Merry Christmas Year 2!

The children enjoying using and exploring the Learning Challenge area

Developing our guided reading skills

Our second Learning challenge will be a History topic.  

We will be finding out what it was like when the Queen came to the throne in 1953.  

During the first week back the children will have discussions about the Queen and what they would like to find out about life in 1953.  The questions raised in these discussions will help to develop the subsidiary Learning Challenge questions.

Suggested texts:

 Queen Elizabeth II's Britain: A celebration of British history under its longest reigning monarch 

Queen Elizabeth II: Level 3 (Usborne Young Reading) (Young Reading Series Three)

Product DetailsQEII We Love You: A Child's-Eye Celebration of Queen Elizabeth II

Famous People, Great Events: Becoming Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen


How will 5 a day help me to be healthy?

Product DetailsKS1 Science Year Two Workout: Growing & Staying Healthy (for the New Curriculum)



Your Body: Inside and Out: Food and Digestion

Science Made Easy Becoming a Science Observer Ages 5-7 Key Stage 1 Book 1 (Carol Vorderman's Science Made Easy)

Ways Into Science: Keeping Healthy

Enjoying a practical Maths lesson using Base10

Learning challenge 1

We used all of the information that we had learnt and gathered to write information reports all about tigers.

Welcome to Year 2!  Where lots of exciting things will be happening throughout the year.

The children have been settling in very well and adapting to a new learning environment and teacher.  As you are aware we are Tiger Class and we have been finding out lots of information about Kamrita, our adopted tigress.

The children have had lots of fun exploring numbers over the past week and also learning to use Base10, (which we will be using a lot over the next year so it is great that they are getting experience of so early on).

For our Learning Challenge the children are answering the question – ‘What would Kamrita find exciting about Rugby? ’.  The class came up with lots of questions that they would like to ask Kamrita and through reading the text, ‘Tigress’ and watching a clip from David Attenborough’s, ‘Tiger – Spy in the jungle’ we discovered lots of amazing facts and were able to answer most of the children’s questions. They have also spent time picking out lots of features of the Asian forest where Kamrita lives and begun to explore the human features of Rugby.

Over the next week the children will be developing their scientific knowledge further by exploring the properties of different materials.  This will link in nicely with our art project where the class will be looking at features of different buildings and their textures and patterns.  They will be using the skills that they develop to draw their own masterpiece, in the style of local artist, Erik Gaskell.

That's all for now but I look forward to keeping you updated with everything we do in the coming year.

 Outside finding human features of Rugby.

What do you think Kamrita would find exciting about Rugby?

Having fun and working hard exploring numbers in Maths


Examining materials and sorting them by considering their properties

Sorting and finding man-made and natural materials


What materials should we use to build a school?  


Writing and sharing sentences in our grammar lesson.  

Children have been learning what all sentences need:

1) a capital letter

2) a subject

3) a verb

4) punctuation to close (.?!)


We are now moving on and joining two simple sentences with a connective, (and, but, so, because, when, then).


In P.E. with Mr. Harding, the children have had lots of fun developing their agility and working as a team.

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