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Learning Challenge 4

Why should the rainforest be important to us all?

Where are rainforests located and what are their main features?

Why are rainforests often in the news and what can we do to help?

What can you find out about an endangered animal that lives in the rainforest?

How important is the Amazon to the South American rainforests?

Can you create a piece of art showing the different layers of the rainforest?

How would you survive in the rainforest?


Recommended reading

  • The Lorax- Dr Suess
  • The Great Kapok Tree- Lynne Cherry
  • Running Wild- Michael Morpurgo

Learning Challenge 3

Were the Vikings always victorious and vicious?

Which region of Britain would you have come under during the heptarchy?

Why did the Vikings come to Britain and how did they make the journey?

What did the Brits learn from the Vikings?

What was life like for an 11 year old Viking?

How can you create a Viking long boat from a range of materials?

What did the Vikings eat and could you recreate a Viking meal?


Year 5 were lucky enough to visit the Jorvik centre in York!


Learning Challenge 2

Why is Brazil in the news again?

What famous cities in Brazil attract tourists and why?

What can you find out about one of Brazil's neighbouring countries?

What fruits and other natural resources is Brazil famous for?

Can you design and create a collage of Brazilian life?

Why is Brazil famous for its dancing?

What can you find out about the street children of Brazil?

As part of our learning challenge, we have been reading "Journey to the River Sea."


Learning Challenge 1

Were the Anglo-Saxons really smashing?

Who were the Anglo-Saxons and how did they influence our life today? E.g. Law and Order.

What evidence do we have today that the Anglo-Saxons were ever here in the first place? Which Anglo-Saxon Christian symbols remain with us today?

Can you  work as a group to create a model Anglo-Saxon settlement?

Using your model settlement, can you produce a filmed documentary about Anglo-Saxon life?


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