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Summer 2015 - Learning Challenge 5

Prime Learning challenge question


Why were the Norman Castle's certainly not bouncy?


Subsidiary Learning Challenge Questions


Why did the Normans build so many castles?

Who was William the Conqueror and why is 1066 a famous date in British history?

How do we know what happened in 1066 and how could we produce a similar ‘collage’ to explain what happened in Britain this year?

What do you know about the Motte and Bailey castle and can you design one?

Using clay can you create a piece of art that captures a Norman castle?

What changed in Britain as a result of the Norman conquest?


To set the scene for the children, they had the opportunity to visit Warwick Castle. They had a fantastic day full of exciting talks, tours and adventures - they even had the opportunity to watch a Horrible History show! They learnt about the history of the castle, what it was like to be a Bowman in Norman times and whether it was better to attack or defend a castle.

We had a wonderful day and would love to share our experience with you.  Please view the Animoto below to see what we got up to.


Spring 2015 - Learning Challenge 4

Prime Learning challenge question


What would you have done after school 100 years ago?


Subsidiary Learning Challenge Questions


How would you have coped without television and the iPad?

How was leisure and entertainment different for rich and poor children 100 years ago?  

Plan a birthday party for an eight year old 100 years ago (link to music of the era) 

What would your favourite football team have looked like 100 years ago?

How could you create your own 'Silent Movie'?

Reflection:  Invite parents to the cinema  for a special showing of silent movies.


Recommended Links:


Suggested texts:

Chimney Child by Laurie Sheehan



Spring 2015 - Learning Challenge 3


Prime Learning challenge question


Why were the Romans so powerful and what did we learn from them? 


Subsidiary Learning Challenge Questions


So what’s it like to be invaded and which countries have been invaded recently? 

Who were the Romans and would they have enjoyed coming to Britain? 

Would you prefer to be a Gladiator or a rugby player? 

What did the Romans do for us? 

Why did the Romans need to build forts?

Who was Boudica and why did she become so famous?

Who were the famous Romans and what do we know about them?

Reflection: . Open  afternoon based on parents being invited to discuss the learning with groups of pupils .


At the start of the learning challenge, and the start of our Information Text English unit, we were sent a letter by Mrs Corrigan which asked us to create a PowerPoint all about the Romans which could be shared with Governors, Parents and the local community. The children worked extremely hard to research the topic, learn about the features of a non-fiction text, and also put together the PowerPoints. Below are the final PowerPoints which we hope will help you to learn everything there is to know about the Romans.

PowerPoint 1

PowerPoint 2

PowerPoint 3

PowerPoint 4

PowerPoint 5

PowerPoint 6

PowerPoint 7

PowerPoint 8

PowerPoint 9

PowerPoint 10

PowerPoint 11

PowerPoint 12

PowerPoint 13

PowerPoint 14


Recommended Links:


Suggested texts:


The  Captive Celt by Terry Dreary       

Roman Invasion - My Story by Jim Eldridge




Autumn 2014 - Learning Challenge 2


Prime Learning challenge question


Why is Warwickshire such a cool place to live? 


Subsidiary questions


Why do people choose to live in Warwickshire?

Can you trace the growth in Warwickshire's population over the past 100 years?

Can you make a promotional leaflet of Warwickshire?

Research... Cool people that lived in Warwickshire

From photographs you have taken, can you paint one of your favourite places in Warwickshire?

What would be the main advantages and disadvantages of living in Warwickshire?

Reflection: Using Photographs and video extracts, put together a documentary about Warwickshire.


Recommended links:




Autumn 2014 - Learning Challenge 1

Prime Learning challenge question


Why is the HS2 so important to the Midlands?


Subsidiary questions


Will the HS2 benefit the UK?

What impact might the HS2 have on the environment?

 What is the view from the HS2 window?  Click here to view some examples.  Example 1  Example 2

Will the HS2 infrastructure bring railways into the 21st century?

How has the HS2 created jobs for people living in Britain?

Debate: For and against the HS2.  A few children's thoughts - Child 1   Child 2  Child 3(a)  Child 3(b)


Suggested Texts:

The Story of Trains


The story of trains


Useful websites:


To view the PowerPoint displayed at the Parent Learning Meeting please click here

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