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Learning Challenge 5

Prime Learning Challenge Question

Why do we love to be beside the seaside?

Subsidiary Questions

Where do you go to on holiday and why?

What attracts visitors to seaside resorts?

What do you notice about the coast and how is it different to your town?

What can we learn about lifeboats and lighthouses?

What was Blackpool like in the past?

Can you create your own digital postcards?

What can you find in rock pools?

Texts we will be reading include:

Billy's Bucket - Kes Gray and Garry Parsons

Tiddler - Julia Donaldson

Sea Horse - Chris Butterworth

Our WOW Event!

To start our new learning, we visited Sea Life in Birmingham.  Share our wonderful time 'under the sea!'

Year 2 have been thinking about tongue twisters!  They worked together with a partner to practise one to perform in front of the class.

It is National Sports Week at Eastlands!  Have a look at all of the sports we have taken part in!

Well done Year 2.  You all tried your very best during our Sports Day!

Learning Challenge 4

Prime Learning Challenge Question

Why were Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong very brave people?

Subsidiary Questions

What would we need to take with us on a voyage of discovery?

Who was Christopher Columbus and why do we talk about him today?

What would it be like to be a spaceman?

Who do you know that’s famous and what can you find out about them?

Can you create a space painting or a painting of an old ship sailing on the sea?

Why would Christopher Columbus’s voyages have been very dangerous?

How did Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong make our world a better place?

This is your life.


Texts we will be reading include:

Who was Neil Armstrong? By Roberta Edwards

The Sea of Tranquility by Mark Haddon

The Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram

Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers

The Pirate Cruncher by Jonny Duddle

Suggested Websites 

Have a look at our fantastic home learning!

Have a look to see just how busy we have been!

Have a look at how fantastic Year 2 looked on Red Nose Day!

Year 2 had a great day on World Book Day.  It was great to see so many book characters.  They particularly enjoyed the evening story time with teddies and hot chocolate!


Learning Challenge 3 

Prime Learning Challenge Question

Where would you prefer to live: England or Africa?

Subsidiary Questions

What are Ghanaian people proud of?

What are the main differences in the climate of Ghana and England?

Which animals would you find living in the wild in Ghana?

How can you recreate Ghanaian art?

Do Ghanaians live a healthier life than we do?

What would your school day be like if you lived in Ghana?

Can you recreate Ghanaian music?

Suggested Texts:

 Bringing the rain to Kapiti plain by  V Ardeena

The Leopard’s Drum by  Jessica Souhami

Learning Challenge 2 2014

Prime Learning Challenge Question

What was it like when the Queen came to the throne in 1953?

Subsidiary Questions

What is a Coronation and what does one look like?

What would you have done after school if you had lived in 1953?

What would your favourite dress have looked like in 1953?

What was the British Empire?

What key events have happened since the Queen has reigned?

What job does the Queen do?

Reflection: Children put together a presentation to do with our Monarchy.




Learning Challenge 1 2014

Prime Learning Challenge Question

What would Kamrita find exciting about Rugby?

Subsidiary Questions

Where could I take Kamritra on a special outing in our town?

Why would Kamrita need to know my postcode to find my house?

How would Kamrita use her map to find her way to school?

What would appear on Kamrita's map of our town?

How can we create paintings from our photographs of special places in our town?

Reflection: Photoshop presentation based on how pupils answered each question


Suggested Texts:

Follow That Map! by Scot Ritchie



Please have a look at the PowerPoint from the Learning Meeting for Parents

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