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Year 4 Elephants 2018 - 2019


Miss Grubb and Mr Clements would like to welcome you to the Year 4 Class Webpage!

Stone Giants:

Can you guess which type of text Year 4 will be focusing on this week?

Lunt Roman fort visit:

Braving the cold, Year 4 children took part in workshop activities at Lunt Roman fort, bringing history to life. They should now be able to tell you all about strigils, caltrops and Roman well as marching in time!

Rights and Responsibilities:

Since we've been exploring drama and playscripts in Literacy these past few weeks, we built some role-play opportunities into our PSHE focus of Rights and Responsibilities. Do you recognise any of the scenarios from your own lives?

Curriculum Map 2018/19:

Click here to download an overview of everything we'll be covering during Year 4.

22nd September 2018 - Information for parents

To view the parents information presentation, please click on the picture below.

Newspaper Reports: A Twist in the Tale

So far this term, we've revisited the traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood, exploring the text through drama and creating newspaper reports of our own versions. Our gallery includes a freeze-frame activity, along with the corridor display of the palace's invitation to the brave woodcutter. Can you identify the characters from the freeze-frame?

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