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Home Learning Gateway

In the event of school closure, or for families who are self-isolating, this page will be the central hub for home learning resources.  Clicking on each class icon will jump to the relevant section on this page. Please be aware that the gateway is a work in progress and is constantly being updated.

Make sure you read the class teacher's Guidance for Parents letter first: it will explain the resource packs in more detail, as well as providing links to relevant websites. 

To help us keep this gateway manageable, activity documents have been compressed into ZIP files. Depending on the device you use to access them, this may require you to take a couple of extra steps to unzip them (using a suitable app) so that you can view the original documents. You can check out Miss Grubb's guide to accessing Zipped documents on an iPad here.

Important: We'd also like to remind families that, as a school community, we've worked hard over the years to build our pupils' Online Safety skills and understanding. In this new context, with schools actively encouraging increased access to the internet at home, we'd respectfully ask that you regularly check your internet security settings, controls and permissions across all devices and platforms. ParentzoneInternet Matters and the UK Safer Internet Centre provide useful resources. 




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While class teachers prepare specific resources for their classes, you can access these general learning sites which offer free resources across KS1 and KS2.


The BBC Bitesize site links to resources in all subject areas.  The Hamilton Trust provides theme-related resources and weblinks. They are also producing weekly packs for download. Twinkl are offering free access to resources. You'll need to create an account and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS  KS2 students have access to TTRockstars - check your HSCB for your login details.
PhonicsPlay resources are free during this period. Sign-in details here. Times tables games. Challenge yourself across 10 different KS2 maths topics with the BBC's Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica This British Council website helps students who are learning English as an additional language.




As well as reading the AR books you borrowed from school, there's now a library of 6000 books to access online!

See Mrs Warrington's AR messages and user guides here.


Links to sites to help you stay active and healthy while off school.


Read Write Inc Phonics lessons are now streaming online.

PE with Joe Wicks: a daily 30 minute workout, Monday to Friday.

Resources for teaching pupils   at KS1 and KS2, organised by subject and age-group.

A selection of immersive audio experiences is available at Now>Press>Play when you enter the password: nowpressplay



Book your place for a Zoom session featuring Makaton signed nursery rhymes and action songs. You can find lots of fun Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths ideas to try at home here.



We often hear from parents that it's not taught the same way as in our day! You can access our whole-school Maths Calculations Policy here. It lets you know how we teach Calculations at Eastlands, with skills progression from Year 1 to Year 6.




Nursery Guidance Letter  Nursery Activities Pack




Reception Guidance Letter Reception Activities Pack Reception Activites to Try at Home  
Reception Easter activities Letter Reception Easter Maths Pack Reception Easter Literacy Pack Reception Easter Creative Development  
  Reception Easter World Pack 


Year 1


Y1 Guidance Letter Y1 Week 1 Activities Pack   KS1 Design Tech Project
Y1 Week 2 Timetable Y1 Week 2 Activities Pack  
Y1 Easter Holiday Activity Ideas
Y1 w/c 20 April Activities Pack  



Year 2


Y2 Guidance Letter Y2 Week 1 Activities Pack   KS1 Design Tech Project Useful Websites 
Y2 Week 2 Timetable Y2 Week 2 Activities Pack  
Y2 Easter Activities Pack  


Year 3


Y3 Guidance Letter Y3 Daily Maths Activities Y3 Reading Activities Pack   Y3 Daily SpAG Activities  
Classroom Secrets Pack   Y3 Statutory Spelling Lists (Y3/4) 
Y3 Week 2 Timetable Y3 Week 2 Activities
Y3 Easter Activity Ideas 


Year 4


Y4 Guidance Letter  Y4 Week 1 Activities Pack   Y4 Statutory Spelling Lists (Y3/4)   Y4 Ancient Sumer project pack  
Y4 Week 2 Timetable Y4 Week 2 Maths Guidance   Y4 Week 2 Activities Pack  
Y4 Easter Activity Ideas 


Year 5 Elephants / Year 5 Orangutans


Y5 Guidance Letter  Y5 Week 1 Activities Pack   Y5 Statutory Spelling Lists (3/4 and 5/6)  
Y5 Week 2 Update Letter Y5 Week 2 Timetable Y5 Week 2 Activities
Y5 Easter Activity Guidance  Y5 Easter Activities 


 Year 6


Y6 Timetable  Y6 Activities Pack   Y6 10-in-10 Challenges   Y6 Useful Websites 


Y6 Google Classroom and related resources are in the process of being deployed. Separate instructions will be communicated to Y6 students and their families.


Key Stage 2 Design Technology project

All five KS2 classes will be given a printed Design Technology project booklet. The overview document is here .


Accelerated Reader (AR)

A message from Mrs Warrington:

During these unprecedented times we at Eastlands are going to do our very best to ensure our children keep on learning until the time we all return to the classroom.

One important feature at Eastlands is the Accelerated Reader programme. Most classes have children coming home with reading books during the school closure period. By visiting the AR website children can continue to quiz after they have finished reading each book. We encourage you to keep to this reading-quizzing routine.

After their books are finished and quizzed on, if possible, could you help your child to pick a book (from home, if local libraries are shut) that best matches their ZPD range eg: 3.2 or 1.8. You can use AR Bookfinder UK:  this site will search whether books you have at home are on the AR system (there are over 200,000) and then find its AR level.

I would suggest to go no more than 0.5 either side of their current level.

For example:

If your child is 3.8 then they can read between 3.3 and 4.3. I would prefer children not to read too many below their level as this does not help them to make progress but I understand you may have a limited supply of books at your disposal in some cases. They can record their scores in the Home School Communication Books if they want to. I am available via email ( for any queries regarding AR and I will be checking on all classes over the course of the closure.



Accessing books online: the myON library

I'm excited to post this update: to help support teachers, students and parents to 'Keep the UK and Ireland reading', Renaissance Learning is offering access to thousands of enhanced digital books through myON and articles from myON News. Here's my guide to getting started:

myON Guide [Word]   myON Guide [PDF]


Please note: Although initially we hoped that books accessed through myON could then be quizzed on by children, we've since discovered that our current subscription level does not allow this. We will keep you posted if this situation changes. In the meantime, we've noticed that some books available through myON can be quizzed on. It would be a case of finding a book on myON and then copying and pasting the title into AR Bookfind to see if it's quizzable. It's far from ideal, but it might work for some books.



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